Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I keep thinking I am going to find some time to write/post something and it just never happens.  Seriously, I started this post several days hours ago and I am only on the second sentence. 

Last week I was in lovely
Actually it wasn't bad but it was a LONG week.  The kicker was during my trip I found out I have to go back next month for another week.  Timing couldn't be worse ... it is the week of Mr. ESPN and Bia's birthdays.  Yeah crappy huh?  I am trying to think of special little surprises to have for them while I am gone.  Which means I have to have something special for Chatty too so she doesn't feel left out (it's always a competition at our house). 

Speaking of competitions, we spent last weekend watching Chatty play a lot of this:
She had a tournament last weekend and has another this weekend.  Then the season is over!  Amen!  Can you tell I am excited?  I need a little break from soccer.  She will still have clinics and some other stuff but the main season will be over.  Last weekend we had some good friends come watch her play.  Chatty loved having her own cheering section (even if they did lose).  Thanks Cottrell's and Pattersons for coming out! 

Bia is still dancing, well sort of.  She was asked to perform a few weeks ago at an event and froze on stage and cried.  Chatty (not at all shy like her sister) just didn't get it - "Why isn't she dancing mom?" 

This is the best time of year to live in the desert.  Beautiful weather, lots of fun activities going on ... so much so that I think we have something planned every single weekend between now and Easter.  Between family pictures, birthdays (Mr. ESPN, Bia and Chatty), birthday parties, spring basketball for Chatty (coached by Mr. ESPN), dance for Bia, church stuff, work, etc., it's crazy (good) around here. 

I better hit publish post now, otherwise it may be a few more days before this gets posted!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Can You Feel the Love?

So to borrow a line from my friend Casey, "It looks like Valentine's threw up in my house!"  We have loads of candy, valentine's scattered in every room, hearts galore and more flowers than I have seen since my wedding day.

Unlike some of my other friends, I didn't do any fabulous Valentine's crafts - maybe next year.  I am totally stealing Sara's idea.  My excuse ... out of town all last week.  But we did get some treats ...

Flowers for the girls from Mr. ESPN (per my suggestion).  Tulips for me from last week - Mr. ESPN surprised me with them when he picked me up from the airport.  No we don't do that grand welcome home thing, he picks me up on the curb ... but this time he had flowers in the car. 

More flowers from Mr. ESPN - he wasn't sure what to get the girls and since Chatty isn't into pink he got this bouquet on the left (which still haven't opened) and then roses for me.  Don't worry - all flowers were purchased at Costco the day before Valentine's Day because - duh Costco is the best store ever and because their flowers are cheap and pretty and smell good.
Valentine's morning - they were just a tad bit wired and this was pre-candy!

I bought this shirt at Christmas for some family pictures we never got around to taking ... came in handy for Valentine's day for the girl who HATES pink!

And the girl who loves pink and all things girlie

A little sisterly love

Who would have thought based on the picture above that they were fighting on the way home from school when we called Granny to wish her a Happy Birthday (my Granny celebrated her 85th on Valentine's Day).   Oh well, at least we got some pictures that morning!

Can you feel the love?!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day ESPN Style

This card was so written for Mr. ESPN ... his style exactly!  Once I download my other pics of the girls, I will post more Valentine's Day goodies!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This Week

This week I am here ....

Luckily there is no snow, but the weather is a little bit chilly ...which is ok with me - as long as there is no snow and/or ice.

Thank goodness for this:

Because that means I can skype the girls everyday while I am gone.  It's awesome to be able to see them ... however I hate seeing myself in the picture at the bottom of the screen ... especially after I have showered and put on my pjs ... good thing my girls love me no matter what I look like.

Before I left I did a little bit of decorating (Casey this is for you) ...

after which my neighbor's kid came over and told me it wasn't fair that we had Valentines decorations and they didn't ... Target $ bin last year.

And just because she's cute (although she had a fit right before this picture was taken and then wouldn't smile normal) ..