Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hello ... Is this Thing On?

Yes I am here and alive and bad about blogging ... sorry life has been crazy busy.  Here are some updates from the ESPN household ...
  • Annoying co-worker somehow got his nail clippers unglued and started using them Monday, lucky for me I was on a plane to NJ and wasn't there to here it.  Next week I will be taking those clippers and putting them in the trash.  Maybe he will get it, then again based on who I am dealing with I doubt he will and it may take several pairs in the trash before he gets it.  Stupid people!
  • Speaking of NJ - I have been here all week and got to experience a spring snowstorm!  Pretty but cold - I am ready for some sunshine!
  • Tonight my Wildcats are playing in the Sweet 16 - BEAR DOWN ARIZONA!!  Beat Duke!

  • Saturday is Mr. ESPN's birthday - he is picking me up from the airport tomorrow and then we are going to enjoy a nice kid-free lunch to celebrate a day early!  He is probably more excited that I am bringing him his beer than our kid-free lunch! 
  • Sunday my little Bia turns 4!!  She is so excited because on her birthday we are heading here:

Yep we are heading to Disneyland with our neighbors!  We are meeting up with my Favorite Cousin and Casey ... can you say chaos at Disneyland ... my 2 kids, my neighbor's 3 kids, my cousin's 3 kids and Casey's 2 (of 3)?  They won't know what hit them ...

I'll be back late next week to fill you in on our adventures ...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Resolution for An Annoying Co-Worker

Remember when I posted about a co-worker who clips his nails at work all the time?  I would link to the post, but I can't find it.  Anyway my other co-worker, The Kingston Queen, and I have been debating how to handle the situation - leaving a note on his desk, approaching him, etc.  While I was in Atlanta at a tax conference earlier this week I mentioned my dilemma to some friends.  One friend suggested we superglue the clippers together.  So today I brought in superglue and attempted to glue them together.  Unfortunately there is only a small portion of the metal that completely closes together on nail clippers, so the glue wasn't adhering.  Luckily for The Kingston Queen and me, we have several other cool co-workers who are bothered by this lack of etiquette and one suggested we glue the clippers to the inside of the guy's desk drawer.  I love people with great ideas!  So we glued them to the inside of his drawer where he keeps them.  Stay tuned - I will be sure to let you know how it turns out.  Right now I have to scrape superglue off of my hands ....

Thursday, March 3, 2011

This Week

Bad Hair Day + Nothing to Wear = Grumpy Me! 

Ugh - I have been in a funk/bad mood all week, much to the delight of my family I am sure!  There are just too many commitments, not enough sleep, etc.  Something has gotta give, but what I am not sure.  I am so ready for this week to be over.  Thank goodness it is Thursday.  To top it all off I leave for Atlanta on Sunday for a conference.  Maybe a few days away is what I need since part of my funk/bad mood is caused by the other people in my house (what can I say, I am honest)!

Speaking of those people, Chatty has a report to do on an animal and their habitat.  They were able to choose an animal from one of the following habitats: prairie, forest (not rain forest though), underground and pond.  So what does she choose??  Bet you will never guess ... CATFISH!  Random yes but she swears she loves them since my parents have a small one in a a fish tank at their house (long story).  So we started researching and all we could find was stuff on mammoth catfish that can eat people whole ... ummm no.  With much discussion and argument (she's a stubborn one like her mamma), we finally helped her choose a different animal ... the Bald Eagle!  Way cooler and much easier to research.  She has to write a report, cite her resources, make a poster/diagram/etc. and present it all in class next week (all in 1st grade).  I don't care what the stupid polls say, she is getting a top notch education and it is a public school!! 

She completed her outline and wrote her report (I was so proud of her - she worked so hard on it).  We even sketched how she wants the poster to look.  I told her I would help her get her poster completed on Saturday so Mr. ESPN doesn't have to worry about it next week while I am gone.  He and Bia can just listen to her practice her presentation (can you picture it???  I am sure Bia will be interrupting every 5 seconds).

Ok - off to get a Diet Coke ... that will surely improve my mood!!