Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ordinary Life

I keep trying to think of stuff to blog about and I don't have anything exciting.  My life is pretty ordinary for a working mom .....
  • Spending countless hours on the soccer field
  • Making lunches and dinners for kids who either don't eat them or complain the whole time they are forced to eat them
  • Trying to work with a teacher who doesn't e-mail (even though she has a school issued MAC) and isn't the most communicative
  • Trying to teach a 4 year old that she isn't in charge and that screaming will not get her what she wants
  • Painting cabinets in my free time (uh - what's that)
  • Trying to train for my half marathon that is 4 weeks away and raise a few more dollars in the process (thanks to everyone who donated - you rock!)
  • Wishing my house would clean itself
  • Listening to countless stories about a girl in Chatty's class who can speak Chinese (umm... duh - she is from China)
  • Wishing for cooler weather
  • Enjoying Sunday evening dinners on the patio (or the porch as Bia refers to it)
  • Trying to spend more time as a family ....
So that's pretty much it.  Nothing extraordinary, just our ordinary (but good) life!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Life As I Know It

I'd like to tell you all I have been galavanting across France, sitting in cafes drinking chilled wine and eating pastries with Mr. ESPN and that is why I haven't blogged in a couple weeks, but no that is not the case.  In reality I have been working, volunteering, chauferring, baking, painting, cooking, making lunches, disciplining and oh yeah sweating (because it is still over a 100 degrees here).  Basically living my life as I know it.  Nothing different from any of you other moms out there ...

But for as tired and worn out as I am, I am thankful I have so much going on and that I really have a very good life with a great family and wonderful friends.  I oftentimes forget this and start to wallow in my own self pity, but then something happens.  For me it happened yesterday when I found out a co-worker lost their FIL.  My co-worker and his wife are my age.  It's sad that it takes an event like that to make me stop and really look around and see how blessed I am. 

So in between the parenting, volunteer meetings, Sunday School teaching, soccer games, dance, fundraisers, work and everything else that seems to run my life these days, I will stop and remember to be grateful for all that I have (even when Bia is throwing her third tantrum of the day and it isn't even 7:00 a.m.).

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Life of a Soccer Mom

Yep that's my life these days.  Last weekend I experienced a whole new level of soccer mom status.  Chatty's team was in a tournament (hosted by our league).  That meant a Friday night game, Saturday morning game, working as a volunteer Saturday, Saturday night game and Sunday morning game.  Chatty's team played very well - won on Friday night and Saturday morning and tied on Saturday night.  Which meant they were in the championship game on Sunday morning.  The Sunday morning game was a nail biter and with a final score of 4 to 4.  Normally for this age group if you tie it ends in a tie, but someone in our league forgot that when they set up the tournament and according to the tournament rules, they had to go to penalty kicks.  Ummm - guess who is one of the goalies and was asked to step in and perform a Hope Solo?  Yep - Chatty.  Guess who was a nervous wreck?  No, not the goalie, the mom of the goalie - ME!  Chatty had never done penalty kicks but was up for the task.  She stopped all but one kick!  She did an awesome job.  I have never felt more relieved and excited at the same time.  Our entire team and coach have worked so hard and it was so fun to see it pay off!!  Chatty loved how all of her team ran out to hug her after the kicks were over!!  So sweet!!

The whole team (minus one player missing that day) 

Sporting her medal

We also squeezed in lunch with Chatty's Godfather, Uncle Greg!  It really was an amazing weekend!

Oh and we also celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary 
Picture courtesy of Photographer Chatty

Quotes of the weekend:
"I have to protect my house, I can't let anyone in my house!" - Chatty on defending the goal.  Mr. ESPN's response - "Maybe we should buy her some Under Armour."

When asked to set the table Sunday night, "I am a Champion, Champions don't set the table" - Chatty.  My response "You are part of this family and I am in charge of this family and you WILL set the table."

As if all of this excitement wasn't enough, Bia is starting dance class today!  She is beyond excited and I can't wait to watch her dance!!