Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Visit to the Lonestar State

So we capped off April with a visit to the Lonestar State for The Godfather's wedding.  The girls were so excited to go to TEXAS! Chatty brought along a journal from school and documented the entire trip.  She couldn't wait to get back to school to tell her classmates about it. 

As soon as we got in we headed to the Godfather's house to meet Aunt G.  We absolutely loved her!  She is awesome, makes the Godfather happy and was great with the girls.

We spent the next day checking out the sights at the capitol and UT.
In front of the Bob Bullock Texas State Museum

The Capitol - beautiful building inside and out

In front of the building is this plaque ... not sure if you can read it or not but it states "it depicts 6 children"
And here are the 6 children!
Don't you love Chatty's pose?!

Standing in front of the 6 flags that have flown over Texas
(Chatty took this one to school with her journal)
The Main building on the UT campus. 
Mr. ESPN enjoyed the scenery, specifically the co-eds!

Chatty's eyes are scary here - but they insisted
on a picture with the Horns (sorry Cousin Jann!)

She was in heaven! We saw some co-eds playing on a practice field
and she was dieing to join them!

Outside the stadium -
we would love to go to a game there sometime. 
Beautiful campus ..

Walking around is tough work!

After spending the day sightseeing with two kids who complained non-stop about being hungry, tired, anything they could think of, it was nice to have some adult time.  I was lucky enough to meet up with Merry Mack.  We headed out to Happy Hour and enjoyed some tasty beverages and food and great conversation!  Unfortunately Coco couldn't make it!  Thanks Merry Mack for a great evening!

Can you tell how happy we are to be sans kids?  Kidding - sort of!

After some pool time at the Four Seasons the following day with The Godfather and Aunt G it was back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding. 
The handsome Godfather
The God-daughter - she looks like she is 12 here!

And a fuzzy family picture where Bia has a weird face!

No I don't have any pics of the bride and groom - most of our pictures didn't turn out.  I am hoping to order some from the photographer at the wedding.  She took a bunch of the girls.

All in all a great weekend - so great that Chatty bawled about leaving Uncle G and Aunt G.  I see some summer vacations for her in Austin in the future!  Let's hope Uncle G & Aunt G agree!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

March and April In Review

Since I am horrible at blogging I am recapping the past 2 months (I can't believe it is already May) with some pictures that aren't from my phone...

A little Sisterly Love ... Maybe if I print this picture I can show it to them when they start fighting!

The Kingston Queen came and babysat for us so we could go out for Mr. ESPN's birthday

The next morning before Bia's Birthday Bash

Loving the slide at her Birthday Bash
Two weeks later, Chatty turned 8!!

Lovin' her new Goalie Jersey!
Annual Phillies game with Dad!

Those were some of the March and April highlights for the ESPN family.  Next up ... The Godfather's Wedding in Austin ...