Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Conversations with Chatty - The Wii Version

We just got Wii Just Dance 2.  The girls are obsessed with it.  We have had several family dance nights and needless to say it is great entertainment in so many ways, as you can see from my conversations with Chatty.

During a dance ....
Chatty: "What kind of music is this?"
Me: "Indian music"
Chatty: "I love Indian Music!"
Chatty: "I love Indians!"

After the little safety message comes on showing how to hold the remote ...
Chatty: "You always want to have safety in this house"
Me: "Why?"
Chatty: "Cause if you don't and you break the tv you pay for it!"
Me: "You got that right."

After she finally beat me at a dance:
Chatty: "Boo Yeah!" - can you say she watches too much ESPN???

Friday, August 26, 2011

It's Almost That Time of Year

One of my most favorite times of year ... COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!  Can you feel the excitement (if not just humor me people)???  While I am an avid sports fan, I am still a girl (duh).  Which means I understand the importance of looking good while watching a game and/or tailgating.  I wanted to share something I am loving these days .... Original Retro Brand .... cool styles and super super soft and comfy!  No they are not paying me to endorse them (although I would gladly accept some free apparel) I just love their stuff and oh yeah their founder is an ARIZONA alum (me too)!  Here are a few things I like ...

Arizona Wildcats Women's Short Sleeve Tee
I have this shirt ... bonus it makes my boobs look big!

LSU Tigers Women's Short Sleeve Tee
I think this would look lovely on Dee and Casey

Florida State Seminoles
I might need to get this one for my brother ... or me

Anyway - browse around!  The t-shirts aren't cheap but they are worth it, especially if you like soft t-shirts with a vintage vibe!

**All pictures courtesy of**

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just Another Morning in the ESPN House

It was a fabulous quotable morning in the ESPN house ...

Bia - "I don't want to wear that skirt it doesn't spin well ... MooooooooooooooooooM, don't leave!!"
Chatty - "I don't want to wear that outfit! I don't like it!"

Mr. ESPN (after tantrums by both girls and lots of tears) - "I can't believe it is going to be worse than this when they are teenagers, there is so much drama right now."
Me - "Oh you just wait dear ... we are in for it!"

Chatty -"Mom, Bia told me I have to get her shoes for her, but I don't!  I feel like I am her servant!"
Me - "Nice use of the word servant Chatty.  All I can say is welcome to my world."

Me - "Lord help me make it through this morning, please!"

Thursday, August 18, 2011

School, Fashion and Boys

What a week it has been.  I am happy to report that Bia is loving her new school (thank the Lord) and Chatty is having an awesome start to 2nd grade.  Some tidbits from our week:
  • Bia is buying hot lunch for the first time today.  Mr. ESPN said we didn't let Chatty do that during Pre-K.  I looked at him and said "Times are changing dude!"  Plus who could turn down the option of mini corn dogs or cheese pizza especially when big sis is buying hot lunch?
  • Chatty is not a fashionista by any means.  Yesterday I picked her up and she was wearing a black shirt with navy shorts ... all together wrong.  I asked Mr. ESPN why he let her wear that to school and he states "I thought you picked it out."  I informed him if she ever doesn't match please assume she picked it out not me!
  • I think I know what the next versions of Real Housewives should be ... Real Soccer (or insert your sport here) Moms of the Desert.  Seriously the drama and politics of sports leagues is all together annoying! 
  • In the car Chatty mentioned how her friend went to Hawaii.  I casually mentioned that I wanted to go back to Hawaii.  Chatty said, "I want to go to Hawaii too" and then Bia pipes in "I want to go back to Tucson - I love Tucson!"  Nice - I love Tucson too (home of my alma matter) but not where necessarily where I want to vacation ....
  • I signed Bia up for a dance class once a week.  I need to get her a leotard and tap shoes.  I may secretly buy some tap shoes for myself - I have always wanted to learn and we have lots of tile in our house!
  • I am going to see The Help tomorrow.  I have a half day.  When I mentioned this to my family, Chatty responded by saying, "That's not fair!"  To which I wanted to respond - "Get used to it, life isn't fair!"
  • Last but not least ... Chatty's friend who went to Hawaii, is a boy.  He brought back gifts for her - seashells, necklace and a postcard.  I think he is sweet on her.  Every time I see him he asks "When can Chatty and I have a play date?"  Yesterday he did it in front of his dad, so I asked his dad for his e-mail (what else could I do).  After we got home Chatty gave me a paper with her friend's dad's phone number (apparently before I got to B&G to pick her up her friend asked his dad to write down his telephone number to give to me).  I asked Mr. ESPN what we should do.  In typical Father of a girl fashion ... "Put it off as long as possible" - Nice ... maybe I should avoid eye contact with him too ... what do you think? 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Day of School

So Thursday was the first day of school.  In true ESPN family tradition we were all up in plenty of time.  But as usual in the end I was running late, resulting in Chatty yelling to me to "Hurry Up!"  I almost shouted a profanity back at her.  I was so frustrated because I was the one responsible for making sure they looked picture perfect, brushed their teeth, etc., but I bit my tongue.  It didn't help matters that is was hotter than you know what outside and super humid (well for us anyway).

Obligatory Cheesy Smile Pic

This was probably the happiest Bia was all day ...

Family Picture at the bus stop ...
check out Bia's face ...

Chatty and our neighbor and best buddy JR

So the bus came and Chatty couldn't even turn around and say bye to her mom ... yeah she is so over us already and she is only in 2nd grade!  Then the waterworks began (for Bia not me).  Bia didn't understand why she couldn't ride the bus too.  She is attending Pr-K at the elementary school (full day) but bussing doesn't start until Kindergarten.

We took Bia to her Pre-K orientation (she knows 2 kids in her class) and as we left she said - "I don't want to come back tomorrow."  I looked at Mr. ESPN and said "It's all you babe - I am heading to work!"  He dropped her off this morning and she seemed to do ok.

Outside her classroom in front of her apple

Hi - my name is Cindy and I am the world's worst blogger!  Seriously I have been so busy and not motivated at all to blog ... it has been several weeks.  So here's a quick recap of what we have been up to. 

We spent the last two weeks in NJ/PA - the girls attended Grandma/Grandpa Camp 2011 in PA while I worked in NJ. Chatty enjoyed it so much she requested to stay an additional week. Bia not so much. Girlfriend had a great time but was ready to come home or at least be with me! Mr. ESPN joined us for one of the weeks and vacationed at the hotel while I worked (rough life huh). Here are a few pics ..

And this is what Mr. ESPN does when he vacations at a hotel - he turns the sink into a cooler.

Staye tuned for First Day of School Pictures ....