Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Birthday Overload

This weekend we had birthday overload at our house.  Warning - there are a lot of pictures in this post.  Mr. ESPN's birthday was Friday.  We went to dinner at a nice "kid-friendly" restaurant that had the basketball games on so everyone was happy.  After we got home we dug into Daddy's cake.

The next day was my little monkey's 3rd birthday.  When we got up she told me she wanted to go shopping at Costco and the gym ... my kind of girl! (As you can see my girls are big fans of their Christmas PJs and are still wearing them even though it is almost Easter).  Since it was a birthday weekend and we had an abundance of cake, we broke all the rules and had cake for breakfast! 

Time to open a few presents ...

Even the Philly Phanatic knew it was her birthday and sent her a card!

After we obliged Bia and her request to shop at Costco we headed to her buddie's birthday party at the train park.

After the party we met Nana, Poppa, Uncle Greg and Mrs. T at our favorite restaurant - Oregano's!  Nana and Poppa bought Bia a singing/dancing monkey.  It is a lovely annoying monkey that sings to Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus ... and it took all of 5 minutes for the girls to learn the words.  Nothing beats being serenaded by Miley and the girls!  

Monkey was thirsty so Bia shared her water

Since we had cake at the birthday party (and for breakfast) and had pizza cookie at Oregano's we saved Bia's monkey cake for Sunday and invited our neighbors over for cake and ice cream.

Two down, one to go ...Chatty's birthday is in two weeks and so is their joint birthday party.  After that I am on a cake baking vacation for a while!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Bia is officially a three year old today - complete with three year old tantrums!  As sweet and snuggly as can be but super independent and stubborn.  She knows what she wants and gets mad when she doesn't get it (I have no idea where she gets these lovely qualities from - ha ha!)!  She is my baby and I can't believe she is already three!  We love you sweet little Bia!!!

2 Days Old

2 weeks Old

Baptism 2 months old (my Granny made the dress)

1st Birthday - 2008

2nd Birthday - 2009

3rd Birthday Invitation Picture - 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

National Holiday

It is Mr. ESPN's National Holiday today - aka his Birthday!  He insists it is a national holiday, although the banks and government offices are all open and we don't have the day off!  We will be having a nice family dinner at a restaurant that has multiple televisions so we can watch the NCAA tournament while we eat! 

He doesn't read this blog so there is no point in me going on about what a great husband and father he is and how he puts up with three independent and stubborn females on a daily basis and is still sane!  But that in and of itself is quite an accomplishment!  We Love you Mr. ESPN - HAPPY 36th Birthday!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


This is how I spent my Thursday night ... preparing for Mr. ESPN's birthday.  This was my first attempt at a "ball" cake.  It was practice for Chatty's soccer ball cake.  Let me tell you - it was a pain in the you know what making all those dimples in the ball ... needless to say I was so worn out that my writing suffered a little.  Oh well - Mr. ESPN isn't picky!  I also made a monkey cake tonight for my little monkey.  I have to ice it tomorrow night.  We'll see how it turns out.  Thanks Kingston Queen for lending me the monkey pan and colors!Anyone want to come over for cake this weekend?

Party Central

It was party central in the desert last weekend ... and it only gets worse this weekend!  First stop was Baby B across the street, she turns 1 tomorrow and her parents had a party for her last weekend.

The big girls checking out the "loot" bags

The birthday girl and her BIG Cupcake!

Cupcakes and ice cream anyone?
Bia wanted to taste the bubbles too

Bia got a haircut that morning ... so it looked cute!

Then on Sunday we celebrated our other neighbor N's 4th birthday.  She is into everything princess and I volunteered to make her a Barbie/Princess cake.  I like making cakes for kids - they love anything and don't notice all of the flaws!

My Cinderella blue tint was a little off

The birthday girl and her cake

Yes Bia loves cake!

Milk anyone?
As if that wasn't enough partying last weekend, Mr. ESPN's birthday is tomorrow and Bia's is Saturday!  Stay tuned for more cake and party pictures!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fun Day

Chatty had her Kindergarten Fun Day last Friday.  For us old people it was what we used to call Field Day.  Chatty had fun and we had some perfect sunny weather for the festivities.

Future Track Star??  Maybe if she take after her cousin C
While she was running all the boys were chanting "Chatty, Chatty .."
I guess she already has a fan club with the boys!

Parachute Time

Future Running Back or Wide Receiver??

A little tug of war ... the parents even joined in on this one
Obstacle course
Dancing - doesn't every field day include the "Cha-cha Slide"?

Kindergarten buddies

Roller thingies ... not sure what they are but they loved them
The boy in the corner of this last picture asked me to walk him to the bathroom at one point.  Very politely I might add.  Anyway on the way there he says "Chatty likes to chase me on the playground."  I said, "Oh that's nice, she loves to run and play at recess."  Then he says "Chatty likes to give me lots of hugs on the playground too!" Umm really ... wasn't sure what to say at that point!  I asked her about it in the car and at first she denied it and then fessed up .. what are we going to do when she is a teenager??

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some Random Thoughts

Nothing too exciting here in ESPN household - Happy St. Patrick's Day.  My little leprechauns wore their green and Chatty said a leprechaun left gold in her classroom at school ... guess she is buying dinner Friday night

Today I was running (jogging) on the treadmill and was able to shave some time off my mile - I am finally under a 9 minute mile for 6 miles.  while that is not very fast, it is for me.  Only problem, I forgot to put on this:

which means I had a little issue on my thighs ... I highly recommend this stuff if you run and you don't have toothpick thin thighs.  It works great, I feel a little odd putting it on in the locker room at the gym, but so worth it.

I know you are all waiting for my bracket predictions being that I am Mrs. ESPN.  Sorry to let you all down but normally I don't make the best bracket pics; and sadly to say my alma mater didn't make it so my heart isn't completely in it this year.  I think KU (my FIL's law school alma mater) will probably win it all but I can't root for them - sorry Casey - don't tell Carter!  Mr. ESPN has already informed me he will be sitting on his a - - tomorrow night watching games.  This is his FAVORITE time of year.  
    Pray for my MIL - she had a growth on her thyroid removed today.  FIL called Mr. ESPN and said the procedure went well today so now we wait and pray.  They are sending it to pathology and should have the results next week. 

    Exciting stuff at work .. the Tax Director at corporate called me today ... will share more soon!I WON Froggity's adorable clothing giveaway!  Yeah me!  Well I should say yeah Bia as she will reap the rewards!  Thanks Froggity and sorry (sort of) you lost Casey!

    I am volunteering at Kindergarten Fun Day Friday ... should make for some interesting stories!

    Went to a spring training baseball game yesterday with some co-workers - it was 82 and sunny - got a little pink on my arms and chest and got out of work a little early!

    Want to take the girls to Disneyland this summer for a couple days since we aren't going to make it back to FL and the fabulous condo (boo hoo) ... any suggestions on how to get good deals there - anyone??

    Laundry doesn't do itself - guess I better do it

    Monday, March 15, 2010

    Party Time

    Each of the girls had parties to attend this weekend.  For Bia, it was her best little "boy" friend S.  They painted and played in his backyeard.  As soon as she got to the party she sat down next to S and planted a kiss on his cheek!  It was sweet but made me cringe when I thought of her doing that when she is a teenager!  Later she got knocked down by her little man S because she walked right in front of his swing!  She was alright - no blood - just tears!

    Bia swinging with her best bud S who is one day younger than her

    and enjoying some cake ...

    The birthday boy and his little lady ..
    I kept trying to get a better shot but they were
    more interested in the pinata 

    On to Chatty's friend's party the next day at the park

    They had Jungle Jill and her animals

    Petting some furry animal

    Holding some furry animal .. Mr. ESPN took her

    Playing with friends

    More friends from school

    Yes Chatty is a little on the tall side

    One last picture - doesn't everyone have an Easter egg tree?  We do now thanks to Nana.  It's cute and makes for a good centerpiece on my counter