Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Quick Post and some Pictures

So I am finally coming up for air after a very busy week. I should be working on something my boss requested, but wanted to write a quick post ... Chatty had another soccer game last weekend. Bia and I missed it as we had to grocery shop and get things ready for Grandma and Grandpa .... Mr. ESPN took a cute pic of Chatty striking a pose. Chatty's team won but she didn't score any goals so I didn't miss too much!

Here are a couple before pictures (which Chatty insisted on posing for) of our table and chairs we refinished. Mr. ESPN was smart enough to take before pictures but no after ones ... eventually I will get to that (I think...). Not sure why Chatty has the bug eye look in these pics ...

Sunday evening we had Nana and Poppa over for dinner. That meant we the girls had two sets of grandparents at one time. Lucky little girls. They know how to work it too - both of them had issues during dinner but still managed to get dessert ... took a few pictures outside playing on the swings. BTW - both girls got haircuts the other weekend. We are taking them to get Christmas photos tomorrow ... that should been an interesting ordeal!

Dessert - my mom baked cupcakes and brought them over on Sunday for an early birthday celebration for me (mine is next week). The girls sang and then helped blow out the candles. They love birthdays - anyone's birthday!

Inlaws visit is going well ... girls love all the attention. I am taking tomorrow off to get ready for the Big Turkey Day ... we will have 14 people for dinner. Should be fun ... I will try to blog later this week ... have a happy and safe holiday and remember all the things you are thankful for ... some (but not all) of mine are ... God, family, friends, job (even if I work in a dungeon now), health, good food, good wine, etc.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Normal Thursday Night and Plan B

So who bakes 6 dozen chocolate chip cookies and 6 dozen oatmeal cookies while watching football and then college basketball on a Thursday night after the kids are in bed? Just call me Martha ... knocking more stuff off that to do list ... worked out ... got Grandma and Grandpas room cleaned and linens on the bed .... enjoying a beverage now!

Plan B - gee I thought I had already gone over this. First off Mr. ESPN knows he was Plan B ... and is fine with it since he won the ultimate prize - ME! Mr. ESPN and I met in college our junior year ... we became friends and talked "sports" but I was totally not interested in him as a boyfriend nor did I want a boyfriend. The fall of my senior year I needed a date to a formal. I was adamant about it being just a date and nothing more. So I talked to 3 of my guy friends Matt, Chad and Jim ... we came up with Plan A - a guy named Sheffler who came from a family with lots of money and had a nice Jeep Grand Cherokee but not the brightest bulb in the box (it was one date not a relationship ladies)... and Plan B, Mr. ESPN. My boys (Matt, Chad and Jim) tried to work Plan A but all of them thought Plan B was a much better option and pursued it more heavily (and yes when we discussed it we always referred to them as Plan A and B not by their names). Matt ultimately encouraged Mr. ESPN to ask me to the formal (which happened to be two days after my 21st birthday when they took me out at midnight ... but that is a whole other story). Anyway after one date, Mr. ESPN couldn't resist my charms and the rest is history!! Lucky man he is!!

100th Post

Wow - I finally made it to 100! I kept thinking I would do the 100 things about me list, but decided I am just not up for it. So just some random Thursday thoughts.
  • If I was doing a 100 things list (but I am not since I am too lazy) I would tell you I am extremely Type A, Christian (who is striving to be a better one), conservative, Republican, love to bake, have a Master's in Taxation (riveting I know!), love college sports (and most sports), Arizona Wildcat, originally from Florida (and in a lot of ways still think of it as home), Mr. ESPN was originally plan B, mom to 2 independent stubborn girls (just like their momma!), Chatty's first name is my maiden name (Lacey), competitive, love fountain Diet Coke with a splash of Cherry Coke, love my southern roots, have a love/hate relationship with running and exercise, yacked one time on the way to Yakima, WA, left handed, want to go to nursing school, love Bud Light, wine and most food .... along with a bunch of other useless information!
  • I have tackled a decent portion of my to do list - Kahlua cake and brownies baked, packed at work, purchased new shoes, Amy had to cancel lunch (boo!) and Mr. ESPN completed painting project
  • I still have the biggest portion of my list still left to do - DEEP clean my house, bake cookies, cut out some vests from paper bags for our Battle of Jericho lesson/craft for Sunday school, grocery shop (but list is complete and coupons are ready), need to exercise this afternoon, tomorrow and Saturday to complete my 5 day goal this week.
  • Mr. ESPN and I are having date night with our friends Ang and Lars on Saturday night - yeah for grandparents babysitting!
  • Bia is obsessed with Boobees (yes Chatty went through this phase too). The other morning Mr. ESPN was getting her dressed and she was pointing to his shirt saying "Boobees, boobees! Daddy has little boobees!" Just how he wanted to start his morning! I told him at least she didn't say he had big man boobees!
  • Bia loves to snuggle in the morning ... this morning she woke up around 5:45 and ran into our room with her entourage (blankie, little blankie, puppy, monkey and pluto), threw them up on our bed and then climbed in next to me to snuggle! I love it!!
  • Chatty didn't make her day twice this week at school (and once last week) ... not sure what's going on in her head. I reminded her this morning that God is disappointed in her behavior and she responded by saying, "Yeah Santa is too!" Uggh! I then proceeded to explain that the only one that truly matters is God ... hopefully a little of that will sink in.
  • Still trying to work the Coco hook up for a single lady in Austin for Uncle Greg ...
  • Still haven't made a dent in the 10 pounds I wanted to get off by the holidays - doesn't help that I had donut holes for breakfast yesterday morning (in my defense I had a 7:00 am meeting and needed some fuel! Laurie - I don't always eat that bad in the morning)

Kahlua Cake recipe per Dee and Sass' request (it came from my friend Ang). If you love chocolate this is your cake - so easy and so good!

  • Box of German Chocolate Cake Mix
  • Large box of Chocolate instant pudding mix
  • 4 eggs
  • 3/4 cup oil
  • 16 oz. container sour cream
  • 12 oz bag of chocolate chips
  • 1/2 cup Kahlua
  • Mix ingredients together by hand; Spray bundt PAM generously with PAM; pour batter into pan and bake at 350 for 1 hour (or until toothpick inserted comes out clean); Let stand 10 minutes and then remove from pan and let cool completely. Once cooled sprinkle with powdered sugar.
  • Variation - I have used mint chocolate chips and it tastes great too (if you like mint)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Still Here

I have been a lackluster blogger the past few days ... feel like I have been going non-stop trying to get some projects done around the house before the in laws arrive on Saturday. It didn't help that sweet Bia got sick last Thursday ... Mr. ESPN stayed home with her that day and I was off Friday but was scheduled to volunteer in Chatty's class so Nana and Poppa to the rescue. Bia was better on Friday and we enjoyed a nice lunch out and trip to Costco with Nana and Poppa (after I was done volunteering). Bia proceeded to tell her Poppa everything she wanted in Costco as well as everything we already have from there. She managed to convince him to get her some new coloring supplies (and some for Big Sis too)! They sure learn how to work the brown eyes and pouty face young in our family!

In the midst of all this Mr. ESPN and I stripped and re-finished our kitchen table and chairs. What a chore ... I think we are finally done ... that was a week long project. On Saturday my good friend Mrs. Kingston came over and we made cookies ... sugar cookies with icing. She taught me the tricks and I made some cute ones for favors for a baby shower I am hosting next month. They are in the freezer with strict instructions to Mr. ESPN not to touch! I still have a list of a few things for Mr. ESPN to complete before his parents arrive on Saturday. Our office is moving to another building so I am off this Friday too ... so that means cleaning/packing at work this week and serious deep cleaning of my house on Friday. So below is my to do list this week (in addition to my normal parenting and wife duties):
  1. Bake a Kahlua cake, chocolate chip cookies and brownies for a craft fair at our church and drop off Friday morning
  2. Bake some more cookies for my in laws
  3. Prepare Sunday school lesson for next week
  4. Clean House - Deep Clean!
  5. Follow Up with Mr. ESPN on his projects - namely painting baseboards and door frames
  6. Pack up my stuff at work
  7. Exercise - at least 4/5 times this week
  8. Grocery Shop (the list has been made)
  9. Meet Amy for lunch on Friday
  10. Buy some new shoes - hey you gotta have fun too - plus I have two coupons that I can combine at DSW!

I know I am forgetting something in there ...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day

Please take some time today to thank a Veteran for their services to our country! Chatty called her Poppa on the way to Boys and Girls Club to thank him. While she may not understand the importance of his and others service to our country yet, you can bet she will be taught by Mr. ESPN and me. She will also learn about all the other men in my family who have served and continue to serve (thanks Uncle Lee!!). So to all the veterans out there (and their families), thank you for your service to our country and my family!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Dear God:
I know you already are aware of this (since you know everything), but I feel like I need to confess anyway. I was really happy that last night was Sunday and that I got to drop my lovely children off at school/daycare and come to work this morning. As you know they are really wearing me out these days and last night it felt like the ending of a Fourth of July fireworks show - fireworks exploding everywhere at the same time! Nothing Mr. ESPN and I were doing was working to get the little people under control. I even tried using our Sunday School lesson on the big kid. As you know, we learned about the 10 Commandments yesterday. I tried reminding her about your rules (commandments), namely Honor your Mother and Father. Apparently she wasn't paying attention as much as she should have been during Sunday School, because she never grasped that concept yesterday.

So finally we just put them to bed (early) and listened to a chorus of little people meltdowns for several minutes (which seemed like hours). And then Mr. ESPN and I remembered that it was Sunday night and it almost felt like a Calgon commercial playing in my head "Work take me away!" I know most Christian parenting manuals wouldn't condone this type of attitude, but I am just being honest with you (do I get partial credit for being honest?). So now that I have had a few hours away, I feel refreshed and ready for the chaos. I am excited to see them this afternoon and hear all about their day. Thank you for giving me healthy, spirited children who oftentimes drive me nuts! Mr. ESPN and I are very thankful for the chaos they bring to our lives!


Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Little Clarification

Dear Chatty:
Remember that letter I wrote you the other week regarding the behavior you display at home versus the behavior you display at school? I think you may have misunderstood my request (not sure if it is because you can't read yet or not). I asked you to bring the behavior that you use at school home with you everyday and act that way at home as well as at school. I did NOT ask you to take the behavior you have been displaying at home to school with you. I want to make sure you understand me 100% as I do not want to see another note from Miss Johnson detailing where you had behavioral issues at school. If you need any further clarification, please let me know and I will read the letter to you. Thanks, I love you sweetie!


Dear Bia:
I don't know what happened to my cute, sweet innocent little baby. Since you turned two you have become the most stubborn and independent child (at least you are still cute). Now I know you get those lovely traits from me, but please sweetheart, don't throw a tantrum every time someone tries to help you do something (i.e. wash your hands, get you dressed, buckle your carseat, etc.). And when you do decide to throw those "selected" tantrums can you not scream "NOOOOOO I DO IT MYSELF" at the top of your lungs so the whole state can hear? Just asking, as Daddy and I are getting a little tired of the screaming. Oh and one more thing, can you please stop talking during dinner about eating your dinner and actually start eating it? You enjoy saying "eat all my dinner" numerous times during the meal and then proceed to play with your food and chit chat for 45 minutes. All the while the food stays on your plate and doesn't go in your mouth. Then you scream when we finally (after 45 minutes) take your plate away, claiming, "I eat my dinner." Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions! I love you sweet Bia!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just A Little OCD

Those who know me in real life know I tend to be a little (actually a lot) OCD. Whenever I order something online I have to look at it several (hundred) times to make sure it is correct. Then I have Mr. ESPN look at it and verify it. Since Chatty has been around, I have been creating calendars online to send to grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. as Christmas gifts. I had been working on the calendars all last week and reviewed it so many times I was seeing double. I finally had Mr. ESPN review it and he gave his stamp of approval. Then I shopped around other sites (Costco had a much better deal and I usually use them but the resolution in some of my photos wouldn't work on theirs - which made me mad because they were half the price!) and couldn't find anything I liked better for a better price. So back to Shutterfly it was. They have a special (purchase one calendar at full price and receive 30% off every additional calendar and free shipping) that ends today. I meant to order them last night and forgot. So this morning I pulled up my calendar and made some changes ... which meant I had to review it a couple (hundred) more times ... and since I am at work I couldn't have Mr. ESPN review it ... which meant I will worry about it until they come in the mail and I can really see how they look. Good thing a lot of the recipients wear bi-focals!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween was super busy ... morning soccer game .... errands .... clean the house .... street party ... trick or treating .... candy ... and more street party. I spent a total of $5 on the girls costumes this year. We shopped at Miss Margaret's house (my neighbor down the street) for Chatty's Little Red Riding Hood outfit (yes the dress doubles as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz but Chatty has no idea who Dorothy is). Bia wore Chatty's old Nemo outfit - she insisted on it. $5 for white tights and white shirt. Can't beat the price. Mr. ESPN was thrilled with my frugality. Bia loved being Nemo and promptly told everyone who she was "Neeeemo". She was super polite and said Trick or Treat and Thank you to all of the adults in the neighborhood. Gotta love when they use their manners.

Her fake smile was really making me frustrated
Miss Margaret even gave us a basket too!

We found Nemo!
Simling for her Daddy!

Fake smile number 989 (yes I know red shoes would look better ...)
At least Nemo had a cute grin!

A little bit better

In front of our neighbors house

4 of the 5 in our gang ... Skeleton is missing ...

Enjoying the loot! She didn't want to take the costume off - it was warm and snuggly

Uncle Greg

My girls have three Uncle Gregs ... one is a relative and the other two are good friends. One of them is Chatty's Godfather. Godfather Uncle Greg has had a very difficult week, but when he found out Chatty had a soccer game yesterday, he insisted on coming. Mind you this was the day after his father's funeral. I was so glad he felt like coming and Chatty was super excited for him to see her play. He and I got to chat and pretend like things were pretty normal. We cheered Chatty on - no goals for her this week but she played hard and came close a couple times. Here are a few pictures of her (and Bia) and Godfather. Hey Coco - know any single ladies in the Austin area? He's single and a great catch - good job, great manners and he is friends with me! What's not to love! He would kill me for this post! Will post Halloween stuff later ....