Thursday, February 24, 2011

A little Behind

I can't seem to get ahead this week - or any week for that matter.  It's Thursday already and this is the first time I have posted this week.  Not sure what I have been up to (work, sick Bia, soccer, etc.) but I haven't had much time to blog and/or post pictures.

Last weekend we were supposed to have our good friends (AZCottrells) over to watch the GO CATS (as Chatty refers to them) pound the Huskies. Unfortunately Bia woke up with a fever on Friday that lasted through part of Sunday. So instead of getting together for the game we cheered them on in separate places and Mr. ESPN and Matt texted each other during the game!  Afterwards we had a family night of Wii bowling.

Chatty started out happy and dressed for I am not sure what

Then she started losing and looked like this
And this

This is how Mr. ESPN bowls

Bia can now bowl (yes another fashionista in the house)

"Come on Strike"

"Woo Hoo I got a strike!!"

Puppy played too

Sunday we celebrated our neighbor's 3rd birthday ... the weather was a little cool (for desert standards) but we had a great time.  Luckily Bia was feeling better and was able to join in on the party ...

Self Portrait

Chatty Played some hoops
Check out that concentration

Bia showed her silly faces

All in all a pretty good weekend - especially since we had Monday off!  This weekend - lots of soccer practice and a Girls Night for me on Saturday night!

Friday, February 18, 2011


I read so many blogs that have all of these inspirational quotes or Bible verses and I always think - wow I wish I knew those by memory and could put them on my blog.  Yes I know it wouldn't take much effort, with the internet and the Bible APP on my phone (thanks Mr. ESPN - maybe that's a hint I need to read it more), but life gets in the way.  So instead I decided I am going to try and remember to write down quotes I hear at work and home and post them.  My favorite quote from work this week (which I posted on FB):
  • "I can't fix STUPID!" - Love it!
Some others I heard at work this week:
  • "I am a MOG, part man part dog.  I am my own best friend."
  • "It doesn't matter what she wears he will find something to say about it.  She's got curves, it's kind of hard to hide them."
  • "Sorry I have cerebral flatulence today."
  • "You can work with the people in Bangledoor." (really they are in Bangladore, India - not Bangledoor)
  • "We make sh** fly!" (The company I work for makes avionics, wheels, brakes, etc. for aircraft - we are on most commercial flights and yes one of our slogans is We Make It Fly)
Let's see what next week brings ... maybe Chatty and Bia will supply me with some material!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back to Life ....

Back to Reality, Back to the Here and Now (you can thank me for having this song stuck in your head all day) ... I am back in the desert after a long - long - did I mention long - cold week in NJ or as I refer to it as Tax He**!  It was that good people - not!  11 hour days of tax with people who like to hear themselves talk! This resulted in breaks and lunch being delayed and shortened almost every single day (not good for a girl like me who enjoys eating).  As if that wasn't enough we had two group dinners too!  Ahh it was like the gift that just kept giving!

After two weekends in a row being cut short due to travel ... I was in bed by 8:15 p.m. last night.  Pretty romantic for Valentine's Day!  In my defense I picked up Pei Wei for dinner and brought Mr. ESPN beer back from NJ (his favorite) and thanks to the Kingston Queen for packing some of his beer in her suitcase too!

Mr. ESPN survived last week and didn't need to call in back up support, although I think he was just as excited to see me as the girls were - or maybe it was because he knew I had beer in my suitcase!  Whatever it was he was happy!  Funny comment from Chatty at the airport.

Chatty: "Mom I learned how to shoot tonight!"
Me (dazed and confused): "You learned how to what tonight?"
Chatty: "I learned how to shoot!"
Me: "Umm what?"
Chatty: "I learned how to shoot a goal at soccer tonight!"
Me (relieved): "Oh that's great!"

Note to self remind Chatty using the term shoot at an airport isn't the best idea in the world.

Happy Birthday to my Granny yesterday!  The girls and I called her last night and both sang their own rendition of Happy Birthday to her.  It was cute!

OK - is it Friday yet???

Friday, February 4, 2011

Dinner Table Conversation With Kids

Those of you who have been following this blog for awhile know we are very good friends with our neighbors across the street.  We hang out with them ALL THE TIME (and even vacation with them).  Last night my neighbor e-mails me this:

Tonight at dinner, Dad smacks (not hard - don't worry no animals were hurt) one of the pups down because they were jumping up and yapping at us. One of them whines a bit at being smacked and the kids laugh and the following conversation ensued.

Mom: "Its not funny." 
Dad (to the kids): "No one does that to the pups but me."
Kids: "Why?"
Dad: "Because I am the Master."
A pause ...
7 year old Son: "And Mommy is the Master of you - the master of all?"
3 year old Daughter: "Yeah!" 
Dad: "Is Chatty telling you that stuff?"

Mr. ESPN and I were dying of laughter! 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thoughtless Thursday

Not much going on around here (hence the reason I haven't posted all week) - just the usual chaos that is our life. 
  • Yesterday we had a high of 42 degrees with 20 mph winds.  Needless to say soccer practice was COLD for us here in the desert!  Speaking of which, one kid shows up in shorts, t-shirt and thin little hoodie!  For pete's sake - can't her parents figure out how to dress her warmly - a little common sense people! 
  • Another note from soccer - I was so cold I took my scarf and wrapped it around my head and then my neck.  I looked like someone from the Middle East ... my friend was cracking up (it was quite the site)!  You do what you gotta do right?
  • I have to go to NJ for work on Sunday ... nice right?  Lovely, snowy, cold NJ in February!  And I won't be able to thaw out until Friday when I return to the desert (yes I know some of you live in cold places but I am from FL and have only lived in FL and AZ ... my body isn't programmed for extended bouts of cold weather).
  • My kids were up and dressed by 5:45 am this morning.  The early rising gene did NOT come from me!
  • Karma will bite you in the a**.  In the middle of the night Chatty came in complaining she had a nightmare.  I told her she was fine and go back to bed.  Then I fell back asleep and had a nightmare!  Note to self - next time Chatty has a nightmare at least offer to tuck her back in bed.
  • I took my first Zumba class on Monday night with my friend L.  It was fun and funny!  I mean really funny when I looked at myself in the mirror during class!
  • I asked Mr. ESPN if he wanted me to make any food for he and the girls to eat next week while I am gone.  Chatty answers and says "Brownies", I say "OK, what else?"  Chatty says "Cookies!"  She's my kind of girl!
  • Bia has no concept of time.  Last night I told her I was leaving on a plane on Sunday and two minutes later she says, you leave tomorrow? (mmm ... depends on how you and Chatty behave)
  • I don't think I took any pictures during the month of January.  Note to self - take some!
  • Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday ... I am bailing out early so I can get some provisions for my adventure to the blustery northeast!