Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back to Life ....

Back to Reality, Back to the Here and Now (you can thank me for having this song stuck in your head all day) ... I am back in the desert after a long - long - did I mention long - cold week in NJ or as I refer to it as Tax He**!  It was that good people - not!  11 hour days of tax with people who like to hear themselves talk! This resulted in breaks and lunch being delayed and shortened almost every single day (not good for a girl like me who enjoys eating).  As if that wasn't enough we had two group dinners too!  Ahh it was like the gift that just kept giving!

After two weekends in a row being cut short due to travel ... I was in bed by 8:15 p.m. last night.  Pretty romantic for Valentine's Day!  In my defense I picked up Pei Wei for dinner and brought Mr. ESPN beer back from NJ (his favorite) and thanks to the Kingston Queen for packing some of his beer in her suitcase too!

Mr. ESPN survived last week and didn't need to call in back up support, although I think he was just as excited to see me as the girls were - or maybe it was because he knew I had beer in my suitcase!  Whatever it was he was happy!  Funny comment from Chatty at the airport.

Chatty: "Mom I learned how to shoot tonight!"
Me (dazed and confused): "You learned how to what tonight?"
Chatty: "I learned how to shoot!"
Me: "Umm what?"
Chatty: "I learned how to shoot a goal at soccer tonight!"
Me (relieved): "Oh that's great!"

Note to self remind Chatty using the term shoot at an airport isn't the best idea in the world.

Happy Birthday to my Granny yesterday!  The girls and I called her last night and both sang their own rendition of Happy Birthday to her.  It was cute!

OK - is it Friday yet???


Dee Stephens said...

Group dinners while traveling for works=SUCKS HARD! As if I haven't had enough of you people already. I would rather go back -- order room service and a bottle of wine and watch TV.
Also, noticed on your side that you're reading George's book. Private message me on FB and let me know how it is..I'm thinking of getting it.

Sara said...

Welcome back!! Missed you last week.

Glad Chatty just learned how to shoot a goal and not anything else :)

starnes family said...

Glad you're here again! Also glad you survived. Ugh. If there were an "ice breaker" or a "team building activity", I might have had to start drinking if I were you.

AZCottrell said...

Yeah - Welcome Back!!!

Sassafrass Jane said...

Don't you have a flask?! I would have busted that out more than a few times- that made me tired just reading about it! And in the cold, too. Poor you!
Love the shooting story!! Funny Chatty girl. Your girls crack me up! Glad you're back home and in your climate :)