Thursday, June 30, 2011

Remember Me???

I am that slacking blogger who blamed my last blogging hiatus on getting ready for vacation.  It seems that I always have some sort of excuse (now I know where my kids get it from).  Rather than listing my excuses for not blogging, I thought I would give you a recap of what we have been up to around here ...
  • Trying not to melt in the hotter than Hades temps here ... 116 (no that isn't a typo)... yeah I know it is a DRY HEAT but it's still hot in an oven!
  • Bia's been making the grocery list which includes raisins, apples, pool toys and Bud Light for Mom.  Love my mini-me!!
  • I moved offices ... back to my old building - 10 minutes from home!!  So happy but will miss my buddy the KingstonQueen.
  • Speaking of her we had a fabulous 30th Birthday party for her at the ESPN house.  I think Chatty enjoyed it the most because her husband kept giving Chatty cookies and cupcakes!
  • My computer crashed at work - why is it that the Help Desk moves at a snail's pace???
  • Swimming and lots of it - refer back to the 1st bullet point
  • Trying to decide what to do on our trip back east ... Statue of Liberty, American Girl Store, etc.
  • Looking forward to a long weekend hanging by the pool with our neighbors!!   

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vacation 2011

So this is going to be a long, massive, picture filled post (thank me now for warning you).  So here you go ... 
New Smyrna Beach, FL -
ESPN Family Vacation 2011

Where we indulged in Mr. ESPN's favorite beverage

We swam and built sand castles with cousins

We gave lots of hugs and kisses

We didn't smile for many pictures

We learned to fish from our Uncle

We proudly caught lots of fish

We refused to go anywhere near the fish and instead stayed on the other end of the dock

We ventured to the top of the lighthouse
(some of us had to be carried by dad)

We posed for pictures at the top of the lighthouse

We enjoyed the view from the top

We went on evening walks along the beach

We ate lots of fresh seafood by the water
(some enjoyed it a little more than others)

We watched the boats

We visited with Great-Grandmas

We hunted for bears
(and did so in an 80's Prom Dress - Bia)

We visited with Moose

We met a shark out of water

And visited with Yogi (the dog - not the bear)!

Needless to say we had a pretty busy week with most of it spent at the beach and/or eating!  Thanks to all of my family for everything, we had a great time with you all!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Slacking and Packing

I have been completely slacking on blog posts - and I have plenty of excuses but the best one being I am super busy at work and on top of that we are getting ready to go on vacation.  So needless to say my spare time (whatever the heck that is) is spent packing for our family, because in case you didn't know, they aren't very good at it. 

Bia started packing last week.  Her backpack includes a large entourage of lovies and blankies and random crap toys.  Then there is Chatty whose only real concern is that we remember her I-POD Touch (assuming she isn't grounded from it again before Saturday), bathing suit and goggles.  Priorities people!  Plus she figures mom will take care of it.  Then there is Mr. ESPN who only has to pull out his clothes.  I asked him nicely to pull them out his clothes this week.  He said he would do that on Friday.  Our flight leaves at the crack of dawn Sat so I may or may not forget to pack his stuff!
Anyway we are all looking forward to going back here:

It has been far too long since we have been back as a family - 2 years!  I am not sure who is more excited - Bia, Chatty, Mr. ESPN or me?!  I can already hear the waves crashing against the shore ... 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dinner Time Conversations

Last night at the dinner table the girls were talking about when they were in my tummy ...
Chatty: "Mom how did we get out of your tummy?"
Me: "The doctor"
Chatty: "No really tell me the truth how did we get out of your tummy?"
Mr. ESPN: "Mommy threw you up!" - Nice one dear!
Chatty: "No way, that's not true, your mouth is too small, how did we get out?"
Me: "Mmmm"
Chatty: "Did the doctor cut us out of your tummy?"
Me: "Yeah that's what he did"
Chatty: "That doesn't sound like fun"
Me: "Are you rethinking you desire to have 11 kids?"

Note - I did NOT have a c-section with either of my kids, but I figured this was an easier explanation than the truth.  They can't handle the truth right now ... especially after saying my mouth was too small!!