Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Run Like a Girl

As many of you know I participated in the Women's Half Marathon supporting the Komen Foundation.  Our team was Mamas for the Tatas (I can't take credit for the cute name).  Through the support of our family and friends we raised almost $5000!  For those of you who supported me, I can not thank you enough!  You truly are ROCK STARS!! Your support is what kept me running until the end and helped me shave 8 minutes off of my personal best!!

A special thanks to Mr. ESPN and my girls ... even if Chatty thought it was boring to come watch me run!
Gotta love Bia and her constipated/fake smile 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Strategic Planning and Other Mishaps

Strategic Planning - Coordinating a business trip to NJ to coincide with my Aunt's visit to NYC for a girls' weekend.

Mishap - Locking the keys in my rental car just before I head into the city to meet my Aunt and her friend.

Yes it did happen ... it was raining and took over an hour and a half to get someone to unlock my rental car.  Then I had to drive to the airport, catch a train to Penn Station and then walk/run a mile to the apartment (in the rain).  The worst part was we had tickets to Wicked that night and I was afraid I would miss it.  Luckily we were only a few minutes late to the show.  At the time it wasn't funny ... but looking back now it is pretty comical and makes for a good story. 

After an eventful Thursday night, I woke up to this view Friday morning (btw - not sure what is up with my camera but all of my pictures are hazy ...)

The Hudson River

After some NY bagels we ventured to the Upper West Side and walked and walked and walked ....

Love the fall colors in Central Park

Then we hopped on the subway and headed down to lower Manhattan and Wall Street.  I had to bite my tongue when we passed the protesters but I did say to my Aunt "I hope they freeze their a**'s off!".  We had tickets to the 9/11 Memorial.  Before we went to it we headed into Trinity Church.  It was very emotional to see all of the items on display.

After that, we got in line and headed into the 9/11 Memorial.  Very beautiful and tastefully done.  A lot of people were taking their pictures at the sight.  I sort of felt like it was sacrilege to take a photo of myself in front of the memorial.

No words ....

As we were leaving they were raising the flag outside the memorial.  Even though they said the tickets were sold out for months, I was able to get some online two days before we went.  I highly encourage everyone to go see this.  Very moving.

The next day we were part of a Once in a Lifetime Event (according to the NY news).  October snowstorm in the northeast .... I guess that's what happens when a someone from central Florida, South Beach and the Desert spend a weekend in NYC!  We bring the crazy weather.

The view from our apartment on Saturday afternoon

Making the most of the weather-chilling our beer on the balcony

Luckily the weather cleared on Sunday ... one last photo before we headed home ...  
Thanks Aunt Susan and Fran ... I had a great time!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hope you all had a great Halloween.  To be honest this really isn't my favorite holiday.  I do enjoy hanging out with my neighbors and seeing the kids get excited about their costumes, however I am glad it is over.  I am ready to move on to the other BIG holidays ... but before then a ton few pictures from our adventures last night.

Yes Chatty was a soccer player - not much of a costume but she couldn't make a decision and it didn't cost me any additional cash so I went with it.

Bia has mastered the fake smile
Bia and her BFF
Chatty and her Knight in Shining Armor (our neighbor Jack)

Bia, BFF and BFF's lil sister

Riding in style
Mr. ESPN's creation
Enjoying her stash

As usual we had a great time with our neighbor's.  We were so glad Bia's BFF's family could join us this year - they are so much fun!  Stay tuned for a post on my NYC adventures!