Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year ...

Hard to believe it is 2010 already ... we were lucky enough to ring in the new year two hours early since we are in Tampa for A's wedding. We left Bia with Nana and Poppa to ring in the new year (yes we will be doing grandparent detox beginning Monday!). It was a long day of traveling with Chatty. She insisted on talking non-stop (big surprise huh?) during the plane ride and also touching me ... it was just a little (actually a lot) annoying! But alas we all got here alive and in one piece.

So while everyone else is posting New Year's resolutions and reflections on the past year, I am still posting Christmas pictures. Yes I have been MIA for several days. It has been crazy plus trying to pack for four people ... yes I pack Mr. ESPN's clothes to ensure they arrive neatly! Anyway below is a recap of Christmas ...

A Four Generation Picture (finally)

Granny and my girls

Uncle Greg and Lacey

Christmas Eve before church

Christmas Morning

Nana putting stick on earrings on Bia

Hopefully by sometime late next week I will be back to regular blogging ... I am sure I will have some lovely flower girl stories too. Let's just say we have had a little too much togetherness the last two weeks. Chatty and I are both ready to go back to school and work! BTW thanks for all the skinny comments on the last post ... I can assure that I won't be receiving anymore because I have been eating so badly the past week! Ugh - back to reality next week!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Four Generations

Today the girls and I went to my mom's house to bake/decorate cookies. There were four generations of girls there ... Chatty and Bia, me, my Mom (aka Nana) and my Granny. Of course I didn't get a four generation picture (although I think Poppa did)! When I was little I always wanted to help my Granny in the kitchen ... but I was a little impatient back then (still am now!). The funny thing is now I am a lot like my Granny when it comes to baking and cooking (although I can't cook nearly as good as her .. Granny is from Mississippi and makes the best comfort food!) and I have a hard time letting my kids help. But we let them help today and they (we) had a great time. Chatty was very in to it and lasted quite a while. She even showed signs of being a great decorator ... My niece Lily joined us for the cookie decorating too. The girls had a great time together.
The masterpieces ..
Some of the ones I made. Mr. ESPN already ate his tree!
Granny and my girls
Granny helping Bia cut out cookies
Chatty is always ready to pose for a picture!
My niece and I .. I think my mom caught her blinking ..
Three of the four generations

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Trying to Catch Up

I have been trying to catch up on my blog reading and posts ... so bear with me this is a little long

  • Kindergarten Holiday Party (& Pajama Day) Friday Afternoon - let me preface this by saying I think I win Volunteer of the Year for Chatty's Class and Most Interesting Holiday Party. Shortly after we started decorating the gingerbread houses (minutes after the following pictures were taken) Jordan (who sits at Chatty's table) proceeded to throw up not once but twice in the classroom. As if that wasn't enough, Brandon threw up because he saw Jordan throw up. Abbey's dad sprang into action and started getting paper towels so I began cleaning the lovely mess up! Not like I enjoy cleaning my own kids puke, much less someone elses kid, but if I didn't I was going to be the next one in the nurses office. Luckily a couple other moms helped clean up the other spots! Miss Johnson and the other parents moved the kids and the the gingerbread decorating outside. Good thing it was a lovely 70 degrees here in the desert!

Cous - I didn't chop my hair - just got a little cut off ...
  • As if that wasn't enough excitement for the day, we went to the train park with our neighbors on Friday night. We rode the train, carousel and even visited with Santa. It's a crazy year - we now have two pictures with Santa after going 5 years without! Bia wasn't a big fan (as you can see from the photo below, hence the reason Mr. ESPN is in the picture too). You'll also notice a picture below with Chatty covering her face. This was taken during 1 of the 2 timeouts she experienced while we waited for the train ride! Good times!

    Don't you just love Bia's look? Making sure the big guy doesn't try anything!

    • Saturday a few of my girlfriends came over to decorate cookies and drink wine. It was fun to catch up with them and just chill. I forgot to take any pictures of the girls or the cookies but let me assure you a good time was had by all and our cookies looked fabulous! Only problem is the red icing tastes like crap. Even Mr. ESPN wouldn't eat it today and he eats everything! Too bad I made a bunch of red stocking cookies, guess we will save them for Santa!
    • My goal of hitting the gym on Friday and Saturday was not achieved ... oh well ... even OCD people have to deviate from the plan occasionally ... tomorrow no excuses - I will be there! In fact as soon as I am done with this post I am looking up class times!
    • On a serious note, please say a prayer for a family in my church. They have two children my kids age (her daughter is in Chatty's Sunday school class - the one I teach). The mom just got diagnosed with Stage IV lymphoma ... such sad news. Also my old neighbor recently miscarried. Both of these women are strong Christian women and I know they would appreciate your prayers.
    • If Chatty behaves tomorrow we may venture into cookie baking/decorating tomorrow ... and Bia may join in too!
    • I am on vacation for two weeks - woo hoo!!

    Tuesday, December 15, 2009

    It's the Most Busy Time of the Year

    As much as I love this time of year, it never fails to be the busiest ... always something going on and something to do ... which for the most part I love. The OCD in me loves to be busy and to have a fully planned out schedule. But sometimes (or should I say most of the time) a wrench gets thrown into the aforementioned planned schedule. The wrench this week - Chatty - she is sick! Poor kid has a fever, headache, throwing up ... not so fun. She is looking better today but still far from 100%. So I am "working" from home today and answering to her beck and call. I personally think she feeds off all of the attention she gets when she is sick (but then again who doesn't)! Tomorrow Nana and Poppa are taking a shift as Mr. ESPN and I both have holiday luncheons at work. Since my assistant baker (Chatty) was out of commission last night, I had to cut out and bake all 7/8 dozen sugar cookies myself! She was sad she missed out ... I told her she and I would bake some later this week when she was feeling better. So here is my schedule the rest of the week
    • Tonight - Gym ...
    • Wednesday - Work, Hair Appointment, Dinner & drinks with two college friends - so excited to catch up with them
    • Thursday - Work (last day before a two week vacation), Gym, Bunco - Dec. Bunco is always the best - lots of good food and drinks
    • Friday - Gym, volunteer at Chatty's school, lunch with old co-worker, errands, dinner at Oregano's with my BFF's family
    • Saturday - Gym and then cookie baking with some of my friends who live near me sans kids!
    • Sunday - Church, baking with Chatty

    I have to go to the gym as much as possible to offset the large quantities of cookie dough I have been eating! It is frightening trust me!

    Sunday, December 13, 2009

    Busy Busy Weekend

    Let's start off with Friday. To preface this story I have to admit I am one of those mean moms who never takes my kid to have their picture taken with Santa. I don't have any pictures of either of my girls with the big guy. My excuse is the time and money. We are always so busy during this time of year and I can't stand waiting in line and paying lots of money for one crappy picture. Honestly, since we have Snowball the Elf, Chatty hasn't even asked to get a picture taken with him. Last Friday Boys and Girls Club hosted a breakfast with Santa. Chatty was so excited to go that morning. Each child got to sit on Santa's lap and tell them what they wanted. When I picked her up from Boys and Girls Club that afternoon, they gave each of the parents pictures of their child with Santa. I had to scan the photo in (hence the crappy quality) ... but alas we have a picture of one of my kids with the Big Guy (Click and you can enlarge it)!

    OK and because I (actually Mr. ESPN) was scanning stuff, I (actually Mr. ESPN) scanned our Christmas card too (double click to enlarge) .. I have received several Christmas cards this year with the entire family - which I love and I was feeling guilty I did just the girls, but I decided my hair looked too crappy (must be my word of the day) to have us all on the card. Maybe next year. I really loved the wording on this card and the cute pic of my girls!

    Saturday I co-hosted a baby shower for a friend of mine. She is pregnant with twin boys. Since her husband is an Arizona alum, I decided to use Arizona colors (red and blue) for the "theme". My friend the Kingston Queen taught me how to make these pretty iced cookies. She even helped me with some of these. I did all different things on the onesie cookies .. intials, monogram, sailboat, etc.

    And here they are packaged up (we gave them out as favors) ..
    And here are some pictures of the diaper cake my craft mom made. It turned out super cute and everyone loved it. Thanks Mom!

    I used it as the centerpiece for the table during the shower.

    Everyone seemed to enjoy the shower. The only problem was we made too much food ... but that means leftovers! Yesterday I taught Sunday school and then came home and made several batches of homeade salsa and chocolate chip cookies to give out to our neighbors. I have been a baking machine ... Friday night I made several dozen mint chocolate chip cookies and cake balls for the shower and then yesterday I made seven dozen peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies! Tonight Chatty and I are going to make sugar cookies. We made the dough last night and will roll them out and use the cookies cutters and bake them tonight. So much to do this week!

    Friday, December 11, 2009

    And the Saga Continues

    Conversation between Bia and me this morning before she left with Mr. ESPN for school (aka daycare) ...

    Me: "I love you sweet Bia"
    Bia: Making the smooching sound meaning I want a kiss; We kiss each other goodbye and she gives me her signature pat on the back hug and then says "I love you Boobies!"
    Me: "What you don't love mommy, just her boobies?"
    Bia: Smiles mischievously at me and walks away

    So I am not sure if that is her new nickname for me or what. I guess it ties into the "Jugs" nickname two of my guys friends gave me in college as a joke!

    Thursday, December 10, 2009

    Thursday Thoughts

    Some random Thursday thoughts ...
    • I cleaned out my pantry last night and wiped all the shelves clean (yes I am Type A and OCD) ... it really needs to be painted but Mr. ESPN doesn't seem to want to do it .. hmmm how to convince him???
    • I don't blog everyday but I expect my favorite bloggers to so I have some fun things to read during lunch
    • I should scan one of my Christmas cards and post it on the blog ... personally I think they turned out pretty cute (mostly because it is just the girls!)
    • My hair is driving me nuts! I am so ready to chop it off ... appointment next Wednesday can not come soon enough.
    • I have to remember to take pictures of my cookies I made for the baby shower I am hosting Saturday and post them ...
    • I need to wrap presents before said baby shower so my Christmas tree looks good. It looks so bare with no gifts under it
    • Bia is overly obsessed with boobies ... every time she sees me (luckily just at home) she comments on them (even when I am fully clothed) and laughs! I try not to laugh but it is contagious! She likes to chant "boobies, boobies, boobies" and laugh
    • Chatty got a hole in her leggings this week in PE (right on the knee) on the indoor basketball court. WTH? She ruins more clothes than most boys. To say that she isn't a dainty little princess is an understatement. That was pretty obvious when she wanted to play tackle football with her sister!
    • I am glad Mr. ESPN is handling Elf placement duties. He has placed Snowball (our Elf) each day ... goodness knows I have enough other holiday responsibilities to handle
    • Chatty has been asking for a WII from Santa. She also told Santa Mr. ESPN wanted a new TV for the WII. I had to explain to her that Santa only brings kids gifts. She then told me she thinks we need to put the WII on the big TV because it will look better. I had to remind her that getting a WII isn't automatic - she has to be good (otherwise Santa will return it!).
    • Speaking of Christmas - any suggestions on what to make for a main dish? We do Italian on Christmas Eve (Mr. ESPN's family tradition) and on Christmas Day we have varied what we make. I was thinking either steak, beef tenderloin or pork tenderloin. Anyone have a fabulous recipe they want to share??

    Sunday, December 6, 2009


    Last weekend Chatty had an early soccer game - 8:00 a.m. Wouldn't you know that last weekend was the first time we had winter weather here in the desert? It was 35 degrees out when we got to her game. While I know that isn't super cold for some of y'all it is cold for us here in the desert! Chatty didn't seem to mind - she was on fire (as one of the other moms put it) on the soccer field. I think she was running like a wild woman to keep warm. Anyway with the game tied at 0 in the third period Chatty faked out (that's how she described it) the goalie and kicked a goal!!! Guess what - I even saw the whole thing, but alas I didn't have my camera!! She was so excited - as was I! Last game of the season (until January) is this Saturday at 8:00 a.m. I sure hope it isn't quite as cold out!

    The day before Thanksgiving we took the girls to get their pictures taken. Last time we did this Bia didn't cooperate very well and I wasn't a very happy mommy! She must have remembered that everything is better when mommy is happy because she was so well behaved and smiled/posed on cue like none other! I have to give a shout out to Casey and say thanks for telling me where to get the aprons - they turned out so cute. I plan on letting the girls wear the aprons to bake now that I have the pictures taken.

    I used this one for our Christmas card

    Thursday, December 3, 2009

    Blog Issues, Bee Stings and Other Random Thoughts

    Yesterday I stayed home sick from work. I had a 24hr stomach bug. Is it weird to be happy you had a stomach bug because now your clothes feel loser? I am always the person who gets an illness that doesn't affect my appetite, so while I am home doing nothing, I eat. At least yesterday I didn't feel like eating and was able to ... let's say... purge some of the prior days food. Anyway while I was home I changed my blog header and forgot to hit the shrink to fit button. Unfortunately the picture is downloaded from my home computer so i can't fix it until I get home so y'all will have to deal with it for a little bit.

    This morning I got a call on my cell phone from the school nurse. My first thought is crap Chatty has an ear infection and I sent her to school with it - bad mom (she made a comment on the way to school that her ear hurt .. first news of this so I wasn't sure if she wanted an excuse to stay home or not). As it turns out, Chatty was stung by a bee on the playground before school started. Poor girl! Nurse asks me if anyone in our family it allergic to bees .. umm .. my mom. Nurse asks me what kind of allergy does my mom have to bees - what the heck??? Am I dumb or is there more than one kind of bee allergy? Anyway she was going to keep her in the office for a little while to observe her and give her some Tylenol for the pain. I spoke to Chatty for a minute and she seemed to be handling it well, I am sure she will save all the drama for Mr. ESPN and me tonight! I do feel bad for her though because they really do hurt!

    Am I the only one who wants their Christmas letter stationary to match their address labels? I printed my letter (which had a typo Mr. ESPN didn't catch when I asked him to proof it) and address labels. Because there is a picture on the left side of the labels it is hard to read the street number on some of them, so I wanted to reprint them. So I asked Mr. ESPN to pick up some two more packages. He couldn't find them at one Wal-marts yesterday and today he calls me to ask what they look like again? If he can't remember what they look like how does he know they didn't have them yesterday? Then he asks me if he can buy some different ones that don't match ? UGH - needless to say I may be using plain white labels or addressing all of them by hand.

    Tuesday, December 1, 2009

    Holidays and Birthdays and More

    I think I am officially back - or whatever that means - this past week was a whirlwind. You would think since I had 5 days off in a row I would have felt refreshed - not so much. Then yesterday I came back to work and it is crazy busy here this week. Our Thanksgiving was great - good food, family, good friends, good wine - what more could you ask for. Only problem was I sent home all of the sweet potatoes with our guests and forgot to save some for Mr. ESPN -oops!

    The in laws visit was good, although now I feel like my kids are going through detox ... I am sure you other parents can relate. Below is a pic from the last night they were here ... I don't know what happens, but we get so busy when they are here that I forget to take pictures ...

    Grandma and Grandpa left on Saturday amidst tears from Chatty ... once she recovered we headed to our good friends the Cottrells to catch the U of A vs ASU football game. Other than the near heart attacks (due to the poor play by U of A at times) we had a fabulous time and we celebrated a victory!! Of course all the kids were decked out in their CATS gear.

    As if that wasn't enough, we began decorating the house. Mr. ESPN still has more lights to put on the house ... that was all by Saturday evening. Sunday we had church ... Bridal Shower for Angie (it was so nice to have an afternoon away!) ... a little shopping .... "Jesus' Birthday Party" celebration at church ... dinner out at Oreganos for my birthday ... what a weekend.
    Yesterday was my 35th birthday ... those of you who know me well know that Mr. ESPN is not so good with my birthday, in fact most years he fails miserably (not gift wise but just making it a special day for me). This year he made up for it. He and Chatty baked me cupcakes and bought me two tops from Banana Republic (that I like!). They also picked up Pei Wei for dinner last night and had the kids bathed by the time I got home from the gym. All in all a great day - thanks Mr. ESPN!!

    Sunday, November 22, 2009

    A Quick Post and some Pictures

    So I am finally coming up for air after a very busy week. I should be working on something my boss requested, but wanted to write a quick post ... Chatty had another soccer game last weekend. Bia and I missed it as we had to grocery shop and get things ready for Grandma and Grandpa .... Mr. ESPN took a cute pic of Chatty striking a pose. Chatty's team won but she didn't score any goals so I didn't miss too much!

    Here are a couple before pictures (which Chatty insisted on posing for) of our table and chairs we refinished. Mr. ESPN was smart enough to take before pictures but no after ones ... eventually I will get to that (I think...). Not sure why Chatty has the bug eye look in these pics ...

    Sunday evening we had Nana and Poppa over for dinner. That meant we the girls had two sets of grandparents at one time. Lucky little girls. They know how to work it too - both of them had issues during dinner but still managed to get dessert ... took a few pictures outside playing on the swings. BTW - both girls got haircuts the other weekend. We are taking them to get Christmas photos tomorrow ... that should been an interesting ordeal!

    Dessert - my mom baked cupcakes and brought them over on Sunday for an early birthday celebration for me (mine is next week). The girls sang and then helped blow out the candles. They love birthdays - anyone's birthday!

    Inlaws visit is going well ... girls love all the attention. I am taking tomorrow off to get ready for the Big Turkey Day ... we will have 14 people for dinner. Should be fun ... I will try to blog later this week ... have a happy and safe holiday and remember all the things you are thankful for ... some (but not all) of mine are ... God, family, friends, job (even if I work in a dungeon now), health, good food, good wine, etc.