Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Four Generations

Today the girls and I went to my mom's house to bake/decorate cookies. There were four generations of girls there ... Chatty and Bia, me, my Mom (aka Nana) and my Granny. Of course I didn't get a four generation picture (although I think Poppa did)! When I was little I always wanted to help my Granny in the kitchen ... but I was a little impatient back then (still am now!). The funny thing is now I am a lot like my Granny when it comes to baking and cooking (although I can't cook nearly as good as her .. Granny is from Mississippi and makes the best comfort food!) and I have a hard time letting my kids help. But we let them help today and they (we) had a great time. Chatty was very in to it and lasted quite a while. She even showed signs of being a great decorator ... My niece Lily joined us for the cookie decorating too. The girls had a great time together.
The masterpieces ..
Some of the ones I made. Mr. ESPN already ate his tree!
Granny and my girls
Granny helping Bia cut out cookies
Chatty is always ready to pose for a picture!
My niece and I .. I think my mom caught her blinking ..
Three of the four generations


Deelsu said...

How special! How cool that you have 4 generations! Not many people can say that! and that you're girls are getting to know their great grandmother so well!
Happy Holidays! BTW - the cookies ROCK!

AZCottrell said...

How wonderful and special for you and the girls! Have a great holiday and we'll see you next week!

starnes family said...

You are looking skinny, miss! Jealous. I'm nowhere near it right now!

The Lenzers said...

the girls will always remember this time baking with granny#2!! Yall look great. tell everyone hi for me and i love you all

Merry Christmas

Coco said...

Just catching up on everything!
You look teeny tiny!! Isn't it crazy how the gym actually works?

Love that you still have your Granny and the girls get to share that special time. That is so special and something they will always remember.

And those cookies look fabulous! Like you, I have a hard time letting the kids help. I do but I find myself gritting my teeth.

starnes family said...

An award for you is waiting on my blog!

FROGGITY! said...

can't believe i haven't commented on this great post! love it!

have a very happy new year!! 2010!!