Friday, December 11, 2009

And the Saga Continues

Conversation between Bia and me this morning before she left with Mr. ESPN for school (aka daycare) ...

Me: "I love you sweet Bia"
Bia: Making the smooching sound meaning I want a kiss; We kiss each other goodbye and she gives me her signature pat on the back hug and then says "I love you Boobies!"
Me: "What you don't love mommy, just her boobies?"
Bia: Smiles mischievously at me and walks away

So I am not sure if that is her new nickname for me or what. I guess it ties into the "Jugs" nickname two of my guys friends gave me in college as a joke!


Coco said...

Bram honks my boobies. He thinks it is super funny. Maybe it is just their weird little ages?

Boobies would be a cute nickname for you? No?

starnes family said...

I've never heard of this......and if Coco has.....that means you're in big trouble.


AZCottrell said...

Love it!
Ainsley used to grab mine and say "ball, ball" and got mad when i wouldn't take the "ball" out for her to play with.
Shaun and Daddy would Crack up at this of course.

I'm sticking with Jugs though.

Deelsu said...

haha! I think she just likes saying the word 'boobies'! It is kinda fun!

BMB-The Mom said...

That is HILARIOUS! Bia, you are too cute!

FROGGITY! said...

LOL! that's one for the books!

Sassafrass Jane said...

I love that she didn't respond. I like Boobies as a nickname! You need to change your blogger name, then, right? Life with Boobies Brown-Eyed Babies. Perf!