Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's the Most Busy Time of the Year

As much as I love this time of year, it never fails to be the busiest ... always something going on and something to do ... which for the most part I love. The OCD in me loves to be busy and to have a fully planned out schedule. But sometimes (or should I say most of the time) a wrench gets thrown into the aforementioned planned schedule. The wrench this week - Chatty - she is sick! Poor kid has a fever, headache, throwing up ... not so fun. She is looking better today but still far from 100%. So I am "working" from home today and answering to her beck and call. I personally think she feeds off all of the attention she gets when she is sick (but then again who doesn't)! Tomorrow Nana and Poppa are taking a shift as Mr. ESPN and I both have holiday luncheons at work. Since my assistant baker (Chatty) was out of commission last night, I had to cut out and bake all 7/8 dozen sugar cookies myself! She was sad she missed out ... I told her she and I would bake some later this week when she was feeling better. So here is my schedule the rest of the week
  • Tonight - Gym ...
  • Wednesday - Work, Hair Appointment, Dinner & drinks with two college friends - so excited to catch up with them
  • Thursday - Work (last day before a two week vacation), Gym, Bunco - Dec. Bunco is always the best - lots of good food and drinks
  • Friday - Gym, volunteer at Chatty's school, lunch with old co-worker, errands, dinner at Oregano's with my BFF's family
  • Saturday - Gym and then cookie baking with some of my friends who live near me sans kids!
  • Sunday - Church, baking with Chatty

I have to go to the gym as much as possible to offset the large quantities of cookie dough I have been eating! It is frightening trust me!


starnes family said...

I like being busy, too. Why doesn't everyone? :) Oh, they're not crazy like us.

FROGGITY! said...

sorry that chatty is sick. hope she feels better soon! i love being holiday busy, it's really hard forgoing the hoopla this year... but, ahh, there's always next year!!!!

cookies... mmmmm... i am sure they're delish!

Sassafrass Jane said...

That's a lot of gym for the holiday season, lady! ;)
Poor Chatty. Hope she feels better soon. (and I love the attention, too!)

Deelsu said...

Hope Chatty feels better soon. Enjoy the cookie dough!

Coco said...

Love being busy during the holidays. Adam thinks I am nuts for all of the baking and such but I love it!

And good for you and the gym!!!

The Lenzers said...

just catching up here on all my blog reads (and writes). if you are not going to do a ham, then i vote pork tenderloin for christmas lunch/dinner. you are a baking freak! i dont even think i have had time to pee this week. the cookies for your shower looked fab-i am quite impressed. i have to come out there for some baking lessons. i hope cc is feeling better. she sure has seemed to be sick a lot lately (or maybe its just me). are you sure she is not faking? i loved your christmas card and your hair. did you chop it off? i have so much to tell you. i will send an email tonight if i can, but this weekend for sure. we go see santa every year. and yes it is a ridiculous amount of money for a shitty picture...but i decorate with them. i would give my right arm to go to the gym right now. i cant work out for 3 more weeks but cant take the baby to the daycare in the gym until he is 2 months old. i should be extra careful about what i eat, but it is so hard with all the cooking and parties.