Sunday, December 13, 2009

Busy Busy Weekend

Let's start off with Friday. To preface this story I have to admit I am one of those mean moms who never takes my kid to have their picture taken with Santa. I don't have any pictures of either of my girls with the big guy. My excuse is the time and money. We are always so busy during this time of year and I can't stand waiting in line and paying lots of money for one crappy picture. Honestly, since we have Snowball the Elf, Chatty hasn't even asked to get a picture taken with him. Last Friday Boys and Girls Club hosted a breakfast with Santa. Chatty was so excited to go that morning. Each child got to sit on Santa's lap and tell them what they wanted. When I picked her up from Boys and Girls Club that afternoon, they gave each of the parents pictures of their child with Santa. I had to scan the photo in (hence the crappy quality) ... but alas we have a picture of one of my kids with the Big Guy (Click and you can enlarge it)!

OK and because I (actually Mr. ESPN) was scanning stuff, I (actually Mr. ESPN) scanned our Christmas card too (double click to enlarge) .. I have received several Christmas cards this year with the entire family - which I love and I was feeling guilty I did just the girls, but I decided my hair looked too crappy (must be my word of the day) to have us all on the card. Maybe next year. I really loved the wording on this card and the cute pic of my girls!

Saturday I co-hosted a baby shower for a friend of mine. She is pregnant with twin boys. Since her husband is an Arizona alum, I decided to use Arizona colors (red and blue) for the "theme". My friend the Kingston Queen taught me how to make these pretty iced cookies. She even helped me with some of these. I did all different things on the onesie cookies .. intials, monogram, sailboat, etc.

And here they are packaged up (we gave them out as favors) ..
And here are some pictures of the diaper cake my craft mom made. It turned out super cute and everyone loved it. Thanks Mom!

I used it as the centerpiece for the table during the shower.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the shower. The only problem was we made too much food ... but that means leftovers! Yesterday I taught Sunday school and then came home and made several batches of homeade salsa and chocolate chip cookies to give out to our neighbors. I have been a baking machine ... Friday night I made several dozen mint chocolate chip cookies and cake balls for the shower and then yesterday I made seven dozen peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies! Tonight Chatty and I are going to make sugar cookies. We made the dough last night and will roll them out and use the cookies cutters and bake them tonight. So much to do this week!


starnes family said...

The diaper cake is so cute and HUGE! Don't think I've seen one that big.

This is the busiest week, huh? Seems like it.....I'm exhausted and it's only Monday!

Love your card. I usually prefer to do a family shot, but this year is just out kids, too.

Deelsu said...

I LOVE that cake! WOW!
Good for you on the baking! I need to get back at it this week!
Love the Christmas card too!
Also, I'm so with you on Santa. I took Buddy the first year to see SantaPaws but decided $20 for a photo of him with Santa was dumb every year since then.

BMB-The Mom said...

I'm with you! You'll be getting a card with just my kids pics! Your mom did a great job on that cake! I still remember the one she made for me! Looking forward to seeing you guys on Friday!

BMB-The Mom said...

Cute cookies too!