Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Year End Catch Up

Even though I am a terrible blogger these days, I figured I would try and recap all the Christmas festivities before the year ends.  We had a busy month and while it was enjoyable, I have to admit I am kind of glad it is over.  My in-laws left yesterday morning (Chatty cried ... a lot) ... Mr. ESPN went to work ... I think he strategically plans it that way so he doesn't have to help get the house back in order.  All of the Christmas decorations are down and back in the attic ... courtesy of me.  My arms look like I got in a fight with my tree and the tree won.  But it is snugly in it's box in the garage cabinet so I am happy.  So back to the festivities ... warning - picture overload - I am too lazy to separate into more than one post.

  • The girls saw Santa at Boys and Girls Club - with Bia acting her normal shy self.
  • We decorated sugar cookies with Nana

  • We decorated our reusable Gingerbread (plastic) house.

  • The Godfather stopped by for a visit with his mom and sister. 
  • We attended Christmas Eve services and our kids were better behaved than most in attendance (that's what I call a Christmas miracle)

  •  Santa and Grandparents brought lots of great gifts to the family including an iPAD, soccer goal, camera, soccer clothes, Just Dance 3, puzzles, movies, etc.

That's wrap ... time to go play Just Dance 3 with the girls ... I hope you all had a great holiday!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

How Do You Do IT??

Seriously I don't know how you all do it ... have a life ... blog .... jobs ..... family .... kids!  Ugh I just can't find the time or motivation to blog these days.  Maybe it is because I sit on a computer all day at work and don't feel like getting on when I get home or that by the time I get home I am just too tired or have too many other things to do.

OK - so what have we been up to???  Birthday parties, soccer, Thanksgiving, soccer, dance, soccer, decorating, soccer ... do you see a theme here?
Birthday Party with Face Painting
Soccer Ball and #11

Of course she wanted a Puppy - her favorite


 Falling asleep in the car on the way to the
USA vs Sweden Women's Soccer Game.  Drool much?

Lunch at Oregano's ... mmmm good!

Tonight it Bia's dance performance. Hopefully she doesn't have stage fright! Nana and Poppa are joining us for her tap debut! Can't wait. This weekend Chatty has a soccer tournament half way to LA - seriously it is on the other freakin side of town. Oh well the things we do for our kids!

We decorated the house for Christmas, although I must admit I am not really in the spirit and Christmas songs are kind of annoying me, not sure why.  Maybe because I have done very little (almost none) Christmas shopping, no baking (my new oven is being delivered next week - Merry Christmas/Happy Anniversary/Happy Birthday to me!) and we haven't even put the ornaments on the tree yet. Hopefully the spirit will give me a swift kick in the rear this weekend!

My still undecorated tree - it has lights and pinecones and an angel 

The kids tacky sweet little tree

Have a great weekend!