Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tales of the Tooth Fairy

Chatty lost another tooth ... pretty soon she won't have any teeth left!  She lost her tooth at school, which is a very BIG deal.  She got to bring home three special "Loose Tooth" books and received a special sticker too.  She was so excited.  Fast forward to last night where things went south in a bad way.  Chatty was screaming and throwing a major fit.  During her tirade Mr. ESPN told me, "I don't think the Tooth Fairy is coming tonight."  This morning Chatty wakes up and comes to me upset.  I asked her what was wrong and she said the Tooth Fairy didn't come.  I explained to her that the Tooth Fairy sent us a note (she asked where the note was - I bluffed and said she actually sent an e-mail - gotta love technology) saying she didn't stop by last night because Chatty was misbehaving so badly.  She wasn't buying it s I pulled the Santa card.  I told her just like Santa doesn't bring gifts if you are bad, the Tooth Fairy doesn't bring money if you are bad.  I told Chatty to try and have a better day and we'll see what happens tonight.

Monday, September 27, 2010

How Long Has it Been??

It seems like these days I can't figure out if I am coming or going.  Seriously I feel like I am going non-stop.  But when I stop and look back at it, it isn't like we are doing anything that exciting or eventful - I guess that's just how life is these days pure craziness!! Chatty has still been fighting us on homework but last week she did awesome in school - aced her Pet Rock Presentation (who knew she would be so excited about a rock), her spelling test and her Rocks & Minerals Test (metamorphic, sedimentary, igneous - weren't we in junior high when we learned this stuff).  She was beyond excited about her achievements.  I tried to remind her that the reason she did so well was because we studied and did our homework.  We'll see if it helps! 

Saturday was her first soccer game of the season.  Of course it was scheduled for the hottest part of the day and of course I had a prior commitment with some girlfriends so I missed it (which I felt bad about but sure didn't miss melting in the sun).  Chatty's team got creamed but Chatty did score her team's only goal (of course she did since I wasn't there).  She had fun but did make a comment to me that parents don't really "watch" the games, they just chit chat with each other - nice!
Bia is ready for the game

A little shade for the princess


In the zone

Going in for a score

In other funny news, last week was picture day at school.  Guess who was in the very back row of her class because she is the tallest kid?  Yep - Chatty (Laurie feel free to pass on that info to Matt)!  I knew she was tall but was a little surprised by that.

Good thing Bia is cute because she has been so demanding and stubborn lately!  Gotta love 3 year olds!!  She wasn't feeling well this morning and got sick - so she is home with her Daddy.  I am sure she has already given him strict instructions on what she wants to watch on tv, what blankets and animals she needs and where she wants everything placed!  He should be used to it by now, he has been married to me for 12 years! 

We had a little visitor in our dining room last week.  A small (10-12 inches) king snake (not-poisonous).  Needless to say Mr. ESPN made snake chop-suey out of him.  No they won't be calling us to volunteer at the Herpetology Society anytime soon.  My mantra of snakes are better off dead wouldn't go over too well with them.

I think that covers last week's craziness - let's see what this week brings!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Conversations at Circle K

I left for work earlier than usual this morning (which much to my dismay seems be more the norm than the exception these days).  On the way I stopped for a Diet Coke at Circle K (which I do most days).  This morning a different person was working the register.

Circle K Worker: "Good Morning Sweetie"
Me (trying to hide my annoyance):"Hi"
Circle K Worker: "Need some cigarettes with that?"
Me (getting even more frustrated): "No"
Circle K Worker: "$.86 then, Have a good day dear"

WTH - why is he referring to me as sweetie and dear and what possessed him to ask me if I wanted cigarettes?  Seriously?  I worked in retail and I know all about the "add-on" sale at the register but cigarettes?  Come on? 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Finally Did It

I signed up for a half-marathon.  I have been wanting to do one for awhile now although I am not sure why since I have a love hate relationship with running.  But there is no turning back now, I paid the entry fee.  That in an of itself is a little crazy to me.  Basically I am paying them to torture myself, but I get a free t-shirt! 

Mr. ESPN and a couple of my girlfriends are running it too.  When I told Mr. ESPN my girlfriends were running it too he said, "Oh good, now you will have someone to run with" - as in now he doesn't have to feel bad about leaving me behind!  Nice huh? 

Needless to say Mother Nature better cooperate and send some fall weather our direction so I can start training outside, this 105 degree heat isn't going to cut it.  So if you are going to be in the desert in January (the weather is great here that time of year) come on out and cheer me on at the PF Chang's Rock n Roll Half-Marathon.  I have already enlisted The Kingston Queen but I need all of the encouragement I can get.  Is it too soon to think about what I am going to wear for the race???

Monday, September 13, 2010

Conversations and Sunday School

Friday Chatty came home from school chatting about 9/11.  I was really caught off guard as I didn't know they would talk so in depth about it in first grade.  She seemed to know all of the facts and on Saturday insisted on wearing her Flag shirt.  We talked about the military and Uncle Lee, the people who serve our country and the people who died that day and we talked about Pap-pa.  It seems like every time death comes up we come back to him!  She had me in tears again Friday afternoon telling me how much she missed him.  So sweet and a great reminder for me.

Chatty knows the way to my heart ... "You're the BEST, better than daddy.  You are the best and he is the second best" (although we all know that is subject to change at any moment). 

Not quite so sentimental but out of the mouth of my youngest was "I farted in my seat mommy" - anyone who says potty humor is just for boys hasn't met Bia!  She was cracking herself up over it and kept saying it.  Of course I didn't help by joking - ooh it smells!

Sunday was the first day of the new Sunday School year.  Bia has graduated from the nursery and is in the 3 year old class across the hall from Chatty's 1st grade class (that I am co-teaching).  We'll see how long it takes for Bia to get mad I am not teaching her class.  I foresee a tantrum in our near future.  To celebrate the first day we snapped a few pictures before church

I wanted one of the girls and me ...
As you can see Bia was doing her own thing

So Mr. ESPN focused in on Chatty and me and cut Bia off

Finally one with Bia sort of looking at the camera

Friday, September 10, 2010

OLD and Tired

It's not like I didn't already know it, but I am really starting to feel it lately.  Yes it is official, I am OLD.  Last night at Bia's swim lesson my phone rang .. my ringer is my Alma Mater's fight song.  After I got off the woman next to me commented on my ring and said she went to school there too.  I asked her when she graduated ... 4 years after me ... at least it was 4 and not 10 years after me like some of the "kids" that work in my office.  On Wednesday, I was talking to a fellow soccer mom at practice and she made a comment about turning 30 next year ... I almost spit my water out when she told me this - yep I am old.  As if my gray hairs and wrinkles weren't enough, it seems like everyone I interact with these days is quite a bit younger than me!   

See the thing is I was always the youngest person.  I have a late birthday and all of my friends were older than me in high school and college.  In my Bunco group I was the youngest for the longest time.  Now it seems like everywhere I go I am the old lady.  I will be closer to 40 than 30 in a mere 2 months - where did the time go?  I felt even older when I woke up before dawn this morning (seriously - it was 4:15 am) and my body ached as I walked to the bathroom (stupid, stupid, stupid 5:30 am conference calls) ... so now I am OLD and TIRED! 

Good thing it's Friday, I need to rest up my OLD and tired self!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Soccer, Sleepovers and Celebrations

We had a fun weekend (and not just because the girls stayed at my parents overnight ... but that did help) and stayed busy.  Saturday evening Chatty had a scrimmage with her new soccer team.  It was their first "game" and they played a team that is a year older than them.  Our team lost - but played tough!  We scored one goal and Chatty had the assist.

Then on Sunday Chatty and her friend A were asked to play up on an older team.  I wasn't sure how she would do but she held her own .. and had a lot of fun!  I guess it's official I am a soccer mom!
Chatty and A

Game Face

After the game we took the girls to Nana and Poppa's house for their sleepover.  Mr. ESPN and I ran some errands, watched a movie and went to a nice dinner.  What did we enjoy most?  The quiet ... no non-stop chatter from Bia and Chatty interrupting our conversation - it was lovely!  Thanks Nana and Poppa!
Self Portrait of 12 years of wedded bliss

So long quiet ... it's time to pick up the girls!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Randomness at the ESPN House

Nothing exciting to report from the ESPN house ... Chatty was almost sold to the highest bidder three nights in a row (darn homework and sassy mouth), but she redeemed herself last night after I pulled out the big guns - no not my sculpted biceps, rather the promise of not going to our neighbors for a party tomorrow night and missing the opportunity to ride the school bus tomorrow.  She did an awesome job last night so let's pray (a lot) that she does well tonight too - which is questionable since we have soccer practice to add to the mix.  Speaking of soccer, I think this Team Finance Mgr could seriously be a part time job - what the heck was I thinking???

Mr. ESPN said Bia's internal clock is out of whack.  She wakes up when I am in the shower (between 5:00 and 5:30 am) during the week and climbs in our bed.  She is quiet and usually dozes back off so I am ok with it.  Plus she has quit bringing her entire entourage (aka hoards of stuffed animals) and limits herself to one blankie and one animal, so I really can't complain.  She is obsessed with Band-aids and it's getting expensive.  The other night I found her up on the counter in the medicine cabinet trying to get one (or three Band-aids) for her imaginary boo-boos.  Needless to say the Band-aids have been moved to a locked drawer.

This weekend Chatty and Bia are having a sleepover at Nana and Poppa's.  I am not sure who is more excited - Chatty, Bia, Me, Mr. ESPN or Poppa (yes Nana enjoys having them too!).  Mr. ESPN and I will be celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary (yes we were oh so young when we got married!) on Sunday - alone!  Hallelujah!  If I was a good wife I would have tried to think of a gift prior to 3 days before the big day, but I didn't.  Usually we don't get each other anniversary gifts but I think he is buying me a watch (because I lost mine last month and he didn't have to think of something to get me since he knew I needed a new one) so that makes me want to get him something too.  I just looked it up and it said the traditional gift is silk/linen, which is not very Mr. ESPN.    We'll see what happens.

College football starts this week!! Yeah!!