Monday, September 27, 2010

How Long Has it Been??

It seems like these days I can't figure out if I am coming or going.  Seriously I feel like I am going non-stop.  But when I stop and look back at it, it isn't like we are doing anything that exciting or eventful - I guess that's just how life is these days pure craziness!! Chatty has still been fighting us on homework but last week she did awesome in school - aced her Pet Rock Presentation (who knew she would be so excited about a rock), her spelling test and her Rocks & Minerals Test (metamorphic, sedimentary, igneous - weren't we in junior high when we learned this stuff).  She was beyond excited about her achievements.  I tried to remind her that the reason she did so well was because we studied and did our homework.  We'll see if it helps! 

Saturday was her first soccer game of the season.  Of course it was scheduled for the hottest part of the day and of course I had a prior commitment with some girlfriends so I missed it (which I felt bad about but sure didn't miss melting in the sun).  Chatty's team got creamed but Chatty did score her team's only goal (of course she did since I wasn't there).  She had fun but did make a comment to me that parents don't really "watch" the games, they just chit chat with each other - nice!
Bia is ready for the game

A little shade for the princess


In the zone

Going in for a score

In other funny news, last week was picture day at school.  Guess who was in the very back row of her class because she is the tallest kid?  Yep - Chatty (Laurie feel free to pass on that info to Matt)!  I knew she was tall but was a little surprised by that.

Good thing Bia is cute because she has been so demanding and stubborn lately!  Gotta love 3 year olds!!  She wasn't feeling well this morning and got sick - so she is home with her Daddy.  I am sure she has already given him strict instructions on what she wants to watch on tv, what blankets and animals she needs and where she wants everything placed!  He should be used to it by now, he has been married to me for 12 years! 

We had a little visitor in our dining room last week.  A small (10-12 inches) king snake (not-poisonous).  Needless to say Mr. ESPN made snake chop-suey out of him.  No they won't be calling us to volunteer at the Herpetology Society anytime soon.  My mantra of snakes are better off dead wouldn't go over too well with them.

I think that covers last week's craziness - let's see what this week brings!!


Dee Stephens said...

Brad is TERRIFIED of snakes!! He might have gotten a gun and blown a hole through our floor! YIKES!
Awesome about Chatty's homework and score!! woot woot! Sure Mr. ESPN was thrilled about the score.

AZCottrell said...

Tell Chatty congrats on the Goal! That is awesome! I'd love to come watch one of her games sometime. We'll have to try to work it out.

The Lenzers said...

Geez that is a lot of homework for such a youngster it seems! Glad she is doing so well, and YAY for the goal. Too bad you missed it, I have missed a game to from the heat and it is not near as hot as there, so it's OK! Hope B is feeling better. I cannot believe you had another snake! I would have the f-ing for sale sign up. Seriously!! crazyness my cous. We need to actually talk soon, I wish we could get together. If I could get this baby off my boob I would so be there. miss you. love you lots.

starnes family said...

Pet Rock Presentation = awesome.

That is a serious umbrella!

Merry Mack said...

I left this long comment and it didn't take so I can't make any promises here. I am glad to hear that school is better and I love a pet rock project. It will get better. Chatty looks like she is having fun at soccer and that is a great thing. My pasty family really needs that big umbrella. Bia has a perfect spot. Snakes es no bueno.

Sassafrass Jane said...

Haha pet rocks. I learned about that in high school. Seriously.
Go Chatty girl! (Of course you missed the goal- it's worse when you're AT the game and you miss it...done that before...)
I agree with Merry on Bia's serious shade umbrella. I could use one of those...
Cute pics! Miss ya!

BMB said...

How in the heck did a SNAKE get IN your house? Glad it wasn't a poisonous one! Go Chatty on the awesome school week! Will you tell her I'd love to meet her pet rock someday? I feel so bad we haven't seen you guys in so long! like you guys, we've been busy! And unfortunetly it's going to get even crazier for us the next couple months! Ugh! Give my god daughters a hug and kiss for me!