Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

First and foremost thanks to all of our active duty and retired military!  We appreciate everything you do for our country!  Thanks to my brother who is currently serving and all of the men in my family who have served - we love you!

We have been enjoying the summer weather and relaxing with family and friends.  There has been a lot of swimming, Jimmy Buffet, grilling, cold beverages, etc. this weekend!  Nana and Poppa came over on Friday night for Nana's birthday dinner ...
Mr. ESPN found the 6 candle ... not sure why he didn't get some plain candles ... this was the girls (Chatty) singing Happy Birthday to my mom.  I think Bia sort of thought it was her birthday and just smiled.

Yesterday we had our neighbor's birthday party ... we all had a great time.  It's so nice having such great neighbors!  As I mentioned before I volunteered to make the birthday cake.  It was my first time using fondant - it was so much fun.  Thanks to Sara and the Kingston Queen for encouraging me to try it out.  I loved using it!

Can you tell what it is???

The birthday boy and Goggle Girl

Uncle Greg, his mom and sister went to Hawaii the other week.  His mom saw the following outfits and bought them for the girls.  Can you say too freakin' cute?  My mom and I were laughing hysterically as Chatty danced around.  In fact Chatty and Bia are dancing to Elvis right now in their grass skirts!

Friday, May 28, 2010

What a Week

So we have had a lot going on this week ... two trips to the pediatricians office ... stomach bug .... ear infection ... work meetings ... Kindergarten graduation ... dentist appointments ... birthdays and more ... where to start??

Sunday morning took Chatty to the pediatrician's office (yes they rock and have emergency hours on Sunday) because she was screaming about her ear hurting ... $25 and a bottle of ear drops later we were on our way ... Sunday evening Bia says "I threw up in the bathroom" (at least it was in the bathroom) looked like a blueberry/rasberry smoothie had exploded in there.  She proceeded to puke periodcially throughout the night and by midnight I was puking too ... we both stayed in bed most of Monday and were back to school/work on Tuesday.   Tuesday I get a call from the Tax Director who wants to hire me saying he's in town - do I want to meet him at the Ritz?  I rush over there that afternoon (after going home and changing clothes so I looked a little nicer) and met with him for a few minutes (he was leaving for the airport to head back to NJ) ... he assured me that they want me and will have an offer to me next week - we'll see!  Wednesday afternoon I get a call from Chatty's school nurse saying she looked in Chatty's ear and it looked "BAD" so I call the pediatrician's office and they get us an appointment in an hour ... see the Dr ... $25 later he gives us a script for Amoxocillon and another bottle of ear drops (can't beat the free ear drops).  Thursday morning was  Kindergarten Graduation (they call it culmination) and then brunch in the classroom afterwards.  Miss J made a sweet video/photo montag that she showed during brunch (she also made copies for each child and gave them each a book - so sweet).  Nana and Poppa joined us for the festivities and then took the graduate home with them for the evening ... then it was off to the dentist for a filling (ugh) ... which leads to today ... my mom's birthday!  HAPPY Birthday MOM/Nana - we love you!  Nana and Poppa are bringing Chatty back tonight and we are grilling to celebrate her birthday .. then I have to work on another birthday cake and I am going to try fondant for the first time ... hope you all have a great weekend!  Don't forget to thank your service men and woman for all they have done and continue to do!  Ok now some pics from yesterday ...

On stage - each class had a different color "Kindergarten Rocks" t-shirt

Receiving her certificate from Dr. B

Dr. B -our cute principal (he's a little short though)!
Nana and Poppa!
Happy Birthday Nana!
Proud parents

Chatty and Miss J
Chatty and me with the fabulous Miss J - she rocks!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

This Week

This week:
  • I did not find out anything about the "job" at corporate and a potential offer
  • I ran 14.5 miles - 7 of them on Wednesday which resulted in chaffing and a big blister
  • I ran into a friend from college at Total Wine and looked like crap (went after working out - it wasn't pretty) plus I had Bia with me.  It was a total "You have a baby in a bar" Sweet Home Alabama moment (kind of).  Lucky for me college friend had his son with him too so I didn't look (well I did look bad) too bad
  • I have had a sinus headache for the last two days ... a glass of wine didn't help ... and neither did screaming kids ... maybe I need a second glass?
  • Chatty started using the phrase "What the" - with no H word - WTH
  • Bia got into trouble, when I asked her what she did wrong she told me she could not talk, it's cute annoying
  • I went to make tacos and had no taco seasoning.  I googled it and made a homemade version.  Chatty said it smelled great - she loves tacos
  • I decided I am addicted to HGTV - specifically House Hunters and House Hunters International ... Buying NY is awesome too
And next week Chatty graduates from Kindergarten ...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Not Sure What to Title this Post

No I didn't fall off the face of the planet but somehow I managed to lose all ability to update my blog at work.  This is after they took away my ability to view Casey's blog!  What are they thinking - it's not like I spend my entire day reading blogs and updating mine ... only a few minutes hours each day.  So I still haven't heard back from corporate with an offer but I did receive a call from my boss' boss' boss - got that?  Anyway this whole thing is becoming comical and he made some comment that he may create a position to entice me to stay.  At this point I feel like telling them I will go to the highest bidder!  Nothing like feeling loved in this economy - seriously!  Hopefully I will get some information from someone this week ... we shall see.

So here are a few pics from our trip back east.  We didn't take many - mainly because I was lazy but also because I wasn't with my kids most of the time, plus when I was there they preferred Grandma, well except for when Bia wasn't feeling well and then she wanted her mama (I secretly love that!).  Anyway here's a few shots ... ciao peeps!

Bubbles with Grandpa

Grandpa and Chatty being silly

Bia lovin' on Grandpa

Chatty at the Pigs Ballpark (Phillies minor league team)

Bia having a fit - not sure why!

Dancing on the stairs

A happy moment -
probably 5 minutes after the tantrum pic

Playing the piano with Uncle P and Cousin R

Cousin R got bored with picture taking

Don't you love all of the expressions in the pic?

Mr. ESPN thought it looked like he was trying to cop a feel

Grandma and her girls

A bed time story from Grandpa

Monday, May 10, 2010

I'll Be Back ....

Quick post to let you know I am alive and that we made it back from the east coast in one piece and without any major incidents.  There were some tense moments like when the pudgy guy from Philly overtook the entire arm rest and some of my seat space.  I think Mr. ESPN was afraid I might cause a scene but I remained calm and ever so slightly budged his arm out of my space and let him know by my actions he better think twice about putting it there again.  Then there was the ice cube incident.  Our plane left the gate taxied to the runway and then proceeded to go back to the gate.  Why you ask?  Oh because they said the ice was bad and they needed to get new ice.  WTH?  Would you believe it took US Airways 1 hour to bring good ice on the plane (this was after it took them 30 minutes to get someone to drive the jetway out to our plane when we flew in last week)?  So what was a 5 hr 17 minute flight turned into over 6 hours of me in the middle seat between a large carseat and pudgy Philly man ... and how was your Mother's Day?  I have to admit my little seasoned travelers did beautifully even when the portable dvd batteries died 4 hours into the flight, well other than Chatty being scared to death of the bathroom but that's a whole other story.  Visit was good.  Chatty and Grandma bawled when we left.  Interviews went well ... hopefully I will be getting an offer this week ... but who knows they seem to be taking their sweet old time.  Will post more later I need to catch up on my sleep ...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Musings

OK I am not sure what musings really are and I don't generally use it in my daily conversation, but it started with an M so I am going with it. 
  • So had two of my 5 interviews last week - 1st one the guy tells me he doesn't know why he is interviewing me because he already knows me and thinks I would be great for the job.  Interview #2 was with HR and she proceeds to tell me assuming everything goes well this week I will get an offer next week.  But both of them did tell me the interview with the VP will be tough.  As if I wasn't nervous enough y'all!
  • Packing for a family of 4 and preparing for an interview is a little nerve wracking.  Top that off with month end close and trying to get 4 days worth of work done in two = no gym and slightly stressed me!
  • Chatty has brought home three recycled contents projects (think toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, baby food jars, egg cartons ...) in the last week.  Isn't Earth Day over?  They mysteriously have all found their way into our recycling can without her knowledge.  In addition today she brought home a bunch of bottle caps, strips of paper, string and popsicle sticks and wanted to make something for Grandma.  I convinced her to make it after we get home as we don't have room in our carry on for it.  It was either the project or the portable DVD player.  She chose the DVD player - project averted (for now)!
  • Bia told me this morning her belly was getting bigger like Mommy and Daddy's.  I said that's good right Bia - and she nodded and said yes! 
  • Grandma asked Chatty something on the phone yesterday and Chatty responded by saying "Yeah baby that's what I am talking about."  I have no idea where she heard that one.
  • Bia got upset this morning because Chatty looked at her.  Mr. ESPN says to me "I remember when you used to get mad when I looked at you and spoke to you in the morning too."  What can I say - Bia is a lot like her mama and her Nana! 
  • Have any of you purchased or hosted a My 31 Party?  My future SIL is a consultant and I was curious if any of you had purchased any of their stuff.  Looks super cute.