Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Musings

OK I am not sure what musings really are and I don't generally use it in my daily conversation, but it started with an M so I am going with it. 
  • So had two of my 5 interviews last week - 1st one the guy tells me he doesn't know why he is interviewing me because he already knows me and thinks I would be great for the job.  Interview #2 was with HR and she proceeds to tell me assuming everything goes well this week I will get an offer next week.  But both of them did tell me the interview with the VP will be tough.  As if I wasn't nervous enough y'all!
  • Packing for a family of 4 and preparing for an interview is a little nerve wracking.  Top that off with month end close and trying to get 4 days worth of work done in two = no gym and slightly stressed me!
  • Chatty has brought home three recycled contents projects (think toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, baby food jars, egg cartons ...) in the last week.  Isn't Earth Day over?  They mysteriously have all found their way into our recycling can without her knowledge.  In addition today she brought home a bunch of bottle caps, strips of paper, string and popsicle sticks and wanted to make something for Grandma.  I convinced her to make it after we get home as we don't have room in our carry on for it.  It was either the project or the portable DVD player.  She chose the DVD player - project averted (for now)!
  • Bia told me this morning her belly was getting bigger like Mommy and Daddy's.  I said that's good right Bia - and she nodded and said yes! 
  • Grandma asked Chatty something on the phone yesterday and Chatty responded by saying "Yeah baby that's what I am talking about."  I have no idea where she heard that one.
  • Bia got upset this morning because Chatty looked at her.  Mr. ESPN says to me "I remember when you used to get mad when I looked at you and spoke to you in the morning too."  What can I say - Bia is a lot like her mama and her Nana! 
  • Have any of you purchased or hosted a My 31 Party?  My future SIL is a consultant and I was curious if any of you had purchased any of their stuff.  Looks super cute.


FROGGITY! said...

yeah baby, that's what i'm talkin about....


that's great about your interviews! go girl! i have never heard of my 31 party? interesting!

Sara said...

Good luck on your interview! You'll do awesome!!

Cracking up about Chatty and Bia. They both have such cute personalities!

I'll have to go check out My 31 Party. Never heard of it. Thanks.

starnes family said...

31 party? Nope, no experience.

I love your clever!

BMB said...

oooh, I like the Thirty-one stuff! I've never heard of it before though! Cute stuff!

Good luck and have a great visit with the in-laws! See you when you get back!

Coco said...

Have never seen the My 31 stuff. Much check it out.

The job is YOURS. You know that right?

And TM did the "Yeah BABY! WOO!" after everything. Were do they come up with stuff?