Friday, May 28, 2010

What a Week

So we have had a lot going on this week ... two trips to the pediatricians office ... stomach bug .... ear infection ... work meetings ... Kindergarten graduation ... dentist appointments ... birthdays and more ... where to start??

Sunday morning took Chatty to the pediatrician's office (yes they rock and have emergency hours on Sunday) because she was screaming about her ear hurting ... $25 and a bottle of ear drops later we were on our way ... Sunday evening Bia says "I threw up in the bathroom" (at least it was in the bathroom) looked like a blueberry/rasberry smoothie had exploded in there.  She proceeded to puke periodcially throughout the night and by midnight I was puking too ... we both stayed in bed most of Monday and were back to school/work on Tuesday.   Tuesday I get a call from the Tax Director who wants to hire me saying he's in town - do I want to meet him at the Ritz?  I rush over there that afternoon (after going home and changing clothes so I looked a little nicer) and met with him for a few minutes (he was leaving for the airport to head back to NJ) ... he assured me that they want me and will have an offer to me next week - we'll see!  Wednesday afternoon I get a call from Chatty's school nurse saying she looked in Chatty's ear and it looked "BAD" so I call the pediatrician's office and they get us an appointment in an hour ... see the Dr ... $25 later he gives us a script for Amoxocillon and another bottle of ear drops (can't beat the free ear drops).  Thursday morning was  Kindergarten Graduation (they call it culmination) and then brunch in the classroom afterwards.  Miss J made a sweet video/photo montag that she showed during brunch (she also made copies for each child and gave them each a book - so sweet).  Nana and Poppa joined us for the festivities and then took the graduate home with them for the evening ... then it was off to the dentist for a filling (ugh) ... which leads to today ... my mom's birthday!  HAPPY Birthday MOM/Nana - we love you!  Nana and Poppa are bringing Chatty back tonight and we are grilling to celebrate her birthday .. then I have to work on another birthday cake and I am going to try fondant for the first time ... hope you all have a great weekend!  Don't forget to thank your service men and woman for all they have done and continue to do!  Ok now some pics from yesterday ...

On stage - each class had a different color "Kindergarten Rocks" t-shirt

Receiving her certificate from Dr. B

Dr. B -our cute principal (he's a little short though)!
Nana and Poppa!
Happy Birthday Nana!
Proud parents

Chatty and Miss J
Chatty and me with the fabulous Miss J - she rocks!


FROGGITY! said...


hope everyone is feeling much better! congrats on kindergarten graduation, what a milestone! :)

starnes family said...

Agreed. Lord, you have had a week and then some! Can't wait to hear what the future brings. Congrats on the recent grad!

Dee Stephens said...

that is quite a week! What a great teacher! congrats to Chatty! Can't wait to see the cake. I'm attempting to make some cool cupcakes for our Memorial Day celeb tonight.
More to come!

The Lenzers said...

can't believe she'a a 1st grader!!! WOW! and my goodness, hope everyone is feeling better. I hate the ear infections. All the boys have colds now and it is nasty!

Sara said...

Good grief, lady. You have had a busy week. Hope Chatty's ear is better now that she's on meds. Don't you always wonder why they just didn't give you the meds in the first place?? Geeze. Cute, cute pics from her graduation!

I want to know how your first fondant cake turned out! Judging from your other cake skills, I'm sure it was fabulous!

Hope y'all have a great Memorial Day!