Thursday, May 20, 2010

This Week

This week:
  • I did not find out anything about the "job" at corporate and a potential offer
  • I ran 14.5 miles - 7 of them on Wednesday which resulted in chaffing and a big blister
  • I ran into a friend from college at Total Wine and looked like crap (went after working out - it wasn't pretty) plus I had Bia with me.  It was a total "You have a baby in a bar" Sweet Home Alabama moment (kind of).  Lucky for me college friend had his son with him too so I didn't look (well I did look bad) too bad
  • I have had a sinus headache for the last two days ... a glass of wine didn't help ... and neither did screaming kids ... maybe I need a second glass?
  • Chatty started using the phrase "What the" - with no H word - WTH
  • Bia got into trouble, when I asked her what she did wrong she told me she could not talk, it's cute annoying
  • I went to make tacos and had no taco seasoning.  I googled it and made a homemade version.  Chatty said it smelled great - she loves tacos
  • I decided I am addicted to HGTV - specifically House Hunters and House Hunters International ... Buying NY is awesome too
And next week Chatty graduates from Kindergarten ...


Dee Stephens said...

would love the homemade taco seasoning recipe. We generally have 'Taco Tuesday' around here.
Total Wine is a bar? Here in the CLT it's just a big wine warehouse?
hope you find out something on the job. So annoying!

Sara said...

"You have a baby in a bar" moment - love that!! Too funny. And you ran 7 miles???? Holy cow...look at you!! To say I'm impressed is an understatement.

Hope you hear about that job soon! I'm addicted to the Food Network. And let me tell you...that's not a good thing.

starnes family said...

Baby in a bar......pure awesomeness. So is your running!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Dee - Total Wine is the big wine/beer/beverage store here too ... it just reminded me of that line in the movie ...

The Lenzers said...

love house hunters international too. we are so white trash taking kids to the liquor store. i am so jealous of you and your running. how did you get started?? seriously, answer me! your hightlights of misspelled words showed up on this??!

Coco said...

I ALWAYS say, "you have a a bar." For every WT situation I have myself in.

7 miles? Holy shit woman!!!!

So glad to hear Chatty saying, What the????? Because we just ended that phase with Bram.

So glad to be back. Missed you.