Sunday, May 16, 2010

Not Sure What to Title this Post

No I didn't fall off the face of the planet but somehow I managed to lose all ability to update my blog at work.  This is after they took away my ability to view Casey's blog!  What are they thinking - it's not like I spend my entire day reading blogs and updating mine ... only a few minutes hours each day.  So I still haven't heard back from corporate with an offer but I did receive a call from my boss' boss' boss - got that?  Anyway this whole thing is becoming comical and he made some comment that he may create a position to entice me to stay.  At this point I feel like telling them I will go to the highest bidder!  Nothing like feeling loved in this economy - seriously!  Hopefully I will get some information from someone this week ... we shall see.

So here are a few pics from our trip back east.  We didn't take many - mainly because I was lazy but also because I wasn't with my kids most of the time, plus when I was there they preferred Grandma, well except for when Bia wasn't feeling well and then she wanted her mama (I secretly love that!).  Anyway here's a few shots ... ciao peeps!

Bubbles with Grandpa

Grandpa and Chatty being silly

Bia lovin' on Grandpa

Chatty at the Pigs Ballpark (Phillies minor league team)

Bia having a fit - not sure why!

Dancing on the stairs

A happy moment -
probably 5 minutes after the tantrum pic

Playing the piano with Uncle P and Cousin R

Cousin R got bored with picture taking

Don't you love all of the expressions in the pic?

Mr. ESPN thought it looked like he was trying to cop a feel

Grandma and her girls

A bed time story from Grandpa


starnes family said...

Thinking about you during all of this uncertainty!

So sorry about the blog mess.....been missing you!

Dee Stephens said...

Been missing you too! cute pictures!

Sara said...

Corporate America - always takes FOREVER to make any type of decision. Hope you hear some good news soon!
Love the pics. Especially the one of Cousin R trying to cop a feel. Too funny. Though it wouldn't be if that's what he was really doing :)

The Lenzers said...

what do you mean, enticing you to stay? your not thinking of leaving the company now? i think the pic of S throwing a fit is fake....she is totally smiling. con throws fake fits, its possible. miss you

FROGGITY! said...

great pics!!! hope all works out with your job.

your kids are so cute. (i've said it before, i'll say it again!) :)