Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nervous Nelly

For those of you who know me you may or may not know that I get very nervous about certain things - public speaking, tests, and a variety of other things.  One thing that causes me to be extremely nervous are job interviews.  They always have and probably always will, even when I know I am 100% qualified for the position and prepared for the interview.  I get sweaty and start talking too fast.  Obviously I am not horrible at it because I have received some decent job offers in my time, but still it doesn't negate the nerves I always get beforehand. 

About a month ago I was contacted by our Corporate Tax Director regarding a position that opened up in our corporate tax group.  He told me he wanted me to apply for the position if I was interested.  Of course I was interested and applied as soon as it posted!  I was finally contacted by the HR person last week to set up some phone interviews.  What initially started out as 3 phone interviews has turned into an all day interview with 4 of the top Tax people at our company at the corporate headquarters in NJ next week!  As if that wasn't enough I have an interview tomorrow with one of our local Tax Directors!  Needless to say I am extremely nervous about this whole ordeal.  To make things a little more exciting we turned my trip next week into a family trip (as if I didn't have enough to worrry about).  Our corporate headquarters are approximately 60 miles from Mr. ESPN's parents' house.  When Grandma found out I was coming back she offered to buy some tickets for her favorite granddaughters to come too.  We all fly in on Wednesday - drop the girls at Grandma and Grandpa's house and then Mr. ESPN and I head to NJ for two nights.  While I interview Mr. ESPN plans on hanging out with his cousin who lives in NJ.  Friday we will head back to PA and spend the weekend with his parents and the girls.  And as the kicker I get to spend Mother's Day on a 4 1/2 hour airplane ride with Chatty, Bia and Mr. ESPN!  All you mom's out there are jealous huh??   


Brooke said...

You'll do great tomorrow! I'm so excited and hopefuly for you. Can't wait for lunch :)

Dee Stephens said...

How Exciting!! Good Luck!! I betyour MIL is ecstatic about having you all there for Mother's DAy!

Sara said...

Good luck with the interviews! You'll do great. I'm the same way. I get nervous and start sweating. Trey always tells me to chant this to myself: Ice cubes, Ice cubes, Ice cubes. HAHAHA! He says that will cool me off and not make me sweat. I don't think it's ever worked, but I always crack up about that.

That will be a fun trip and you get a break from being a Mommy for 2 nights!!!

AZCottrell said...

Awesome news C! You'll do great for sure! It may start with nerves - which is totally normal - but you are such a warm and friendly and intelligent person - that the nerves will fade quickly and they'll hardly notice.

Glad you will be able to get some time away too...Maybe as a mother's day gift you can upgrade just your seat to 1st class and sit by yourself? ha ha.

BMB said...

Good luck! You are going to do awesome!

BTW, I haven't forgotten to respond to the email you sent! It's been crazy around here!
Are you guys avail may 15th? May is crazy too and like you said, it'll be june before we know it!
We have LOTS of birthdays to celebrate!

Coco said...

How did it go?

And yes, I am soooo jealous of your Mother's Day.

The Lenzers said...

granny was trying to tell me about this today. you will be great. i thought, for some reason, that the headquarters were there in phoenix. would this mean any kind of a move? i think mark is ready for a visit in AZ!!