Wednesday, April 21, 2010

WWW - Wednesday's Weekend Wrap-Up

I realize it is already Wednesday and I am just now posting about the weekend.  It has been busy around here (what else is new right?) and I have some sort of cold/allergy thing that is doing it's best to knock me out.  Last weekend we planted a small garden on the side of our house.  Chatty loved helping with it.  We planted tomatoes, cilantro, basil, cucumbers and jalapeno peppers.  Can you tell we love homeade salsa around here?  If it works we are going to plant another one in the fall.

My little Gardener

That evening we had a pedicure session at home.  Bia has been obsessed with "painted nails" for a long time so after her bath I painted hers, Chatty's and my toenails.  She was so good for it and didn't want to cover them up the next day with socks and tennis shoes (PS- that is not a spot on my rug - I think it is a shadow from something)!

I haven't figured out why Chatty always seems to have her mouth open

Tomorrow I will post a few pics from our "photography session" - amazingly we got a few decent shots.   


Dee Stephens said...

love the garden!

Salt said...

Cute pics! I can't wait to have a house so I can start a garden of my own.

I am also in dire need of a pedi. Thanks for the reminder. :)

Sassafrass Jane said...

Cute babygirl toes! You're such a good mama. That takes patience...
I'm so jealous of your garden! I love me some homemade salsa. Keep us posted!

Sara said...

Yay for the garden!! We've got to get ours together pretty quick. We love homemade salsa too!
Can you come paint my toes too? I haven't had a pedi in about 3 months. My dogs are barking. Bad.

Sweet girls with pretty toes.

AZCottrell said...

I want your instructions for building the garden! I've wanted to do that for so long now. Great idea!
Oh - and I notice in that last pic - Ainsley has the same jammies as Chatty! How do we always do that?

BMB said...

good luck with the garden! I can get my stuff to grow but never produce anything! All but cilantro I should say, that grows like a weed!