Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly aka Easter 2010

We had lots of activities this past weekend (what else is new?).  We also had lots of melt downs as evidenced here:

Why this melt down occurred?  Who knows - maybe because she is 3 and is just like her mom and wants everything HER way?  But low and behold she can snap out of it and be sweet as can be as evidenced here (which was taken approximately 10 minutes later):

Our church had an Easter egg hunt.  Nana and Poppa met us there with Chatty (she spent two lovely nights at their house and proceeded to go through detox the rest of the weekend - it wasn't pretty)

After the egg hunt it was time for cake - we Presbyterians like to eat at any and all social gatherings and we always seem to have sweets (sort of like my southern family) 

Then after several meltdowns on the way home we decided to color Easter eggs (nice Christmas tablecloth huh?)

Note - I ate one of the eggs before we took the picture; Bia was obsessed with green

The Easter bunny brought a few little goodies for the girls but to be honest they both got in trouble before church and the baskets were put away for awhile.  I am telling you it was a painful round of detox and only one had gone to Nana's house.  Chatty told me before church she didn't want to live with me ever again and wanted to live with Nana.  Sadly to say we weren't in the Easter spirit on the way to church.

Once we got to church things seemed to turn around.  The Pastor said something in his sermon about seeing people in Jesus and I turned to Mr. ESPN and said I sure would like to see Jesus in Chatty today.  A couple minutes later she came over and kissed me out of the blue!  He sure works in mysterious ways!  Needless to say we finally got some nice Easter pictures (even if they are posed).

This picture is for Granny - she bought the girls their Easter purses

I was exhausted by the time this picture was taken ... we had FINALLY gotten a good one of the three of us!  And yes Mom - I wore black on Easter Sunday - I tried to find something to wear last week and didn't succeed and this was all I had in my closet.

This week I have to get ready for Chatty's birthday and the girls' joint birthday party.  Guess what that means?  Yep - decorating another cake and cupcakes!


Dee Stephens said...

WOW! Sounds like the Easter bunny threw you one heck on an egg!! haha!
Seriously.. is that a putting green in your backyard?? WOW! Mr ESPN is a real sportsman ;)

Sassafrass Jane said...

Oh Bia. You're one cute stinker!
It surprised me to see the girls' Easter baskets. I really expected them to say "Chatty" and "Bia". :)
Cute pics. Who says you can't wear black on Easter?! (My mom, and obviously yours, too!)

starnes family said...

You're looking skinny!

Love your funny little punks....especially the purse pics.

How are everyone else's eggs pretty and mine look like a dinosaur laid them?

Sara said...

I can never find anything to wear on Easter. I ended up in a white dress from Target this year. I think all of my clothes come from Target these days.

Chatty and Bia are precious....even if they do act out sometimes :)

Another cake??? Good grief, lady! You and my mom need to start a business together.

FROGGITY! said...

How cute all of this is! (Even the tantrum shot, although I am sure the reality wasn't cute for you...)
I love the story about seeing Jesus and the kiss... so precious.

We're presby's too! Great minds...

I am with Casey, our eggs were NOT as pretty as y'alls...

Brooke said...

Love Chatty's dress! They both look lovely, especially Bia posing with her purse. I love that when Bia pulls a fit, you pull out the camera :) Glad you all had a fun Easter. Good luck with the birthday party!

The Lenzers said...

the girls look so cute!!! and the meltdowns....well we can respect those. they are a daily occurence around here! misss you