Friday, April 16, 2010

Random Ramblings

I really don't have anything fabulous to talk about just some random things ...
  1. My good friend is having an awesome giveaway on her blog check it out here - cute aprons from Etsy!  Go check it out but remember I need the apron (even if I am on a baking hiatus!).
  2. Coco and I can't figure out why mom's let their little girls have long stringy hair.  Especially in the summer when they swim - ick!  Yes Mom - now I realize why you kept my unruly/curly/smelly (yes it smelled and I never wanted to wash it) hair short as a child
  3. Some lady who smelled like cloves got on the treadmill next to me the other day and I about died - I couldn't get done quick enough!
  4. I am going to a Women's Retreat at church tomorrow.  I am not sure what to expect but I hope I am not one of the only young women there.  I keep having dreams that it is me and all of the Grannys!  Overall I think it should be a good experience (plus it means a kid free day).
  5. I am annoyed that it is taking so freakin long to find out about the position I was asked (by the hiring manager) to apply for
  6. Bia looks like Albert Einstein's daughter when she wakes up in the morning.  No exaggeration there at all - it is funny and a little scary all at the same time.  Note to self - document it with a photo!
  7. Chatty started a basketball skills class last night.  I asked her if she was any good and of course she said yes.  Her daddy said he would buy her a new basketball so they could practice together.
  8. The girls had their annual checkups on Monday.  Chatty is in the 90% for height and weight (a little like her mom) and Bia is in the 50% for height and weight (which is a major improvement from previous years).
  9. Bia told me this morning I had a very big booty.  I told her that wasn't very nice to say.
  10. Chatty wrote all of her own thank you notes this year (I wrote a template and she copied it).  I am not sure if my 84 year old Mam-ma will be able to read her writing or not!
I guess that's it ... have a good weekend


starnes family said...

Good stuff. I'm with you on the long stringy hair......Lainey's is lovely when it's well kept, but often I just pull it back in braids or piggy tails b/c otherwise, she just looks like a mess. I love short hair on little girls......the bobs are the cutest!

I go to a Bible Study every Tuesday morning and I swear, I'm the youngest there by 10 years. All are in their 60's, it seems. And, it brings an interesting mix of opinions on scriptures and how they apply to every day life b/c I'm in a different generation. I really enjoy the mix.

Dee Stephens said...

Big Booty?? That's not nice!
YAY for Chatty writing allher own notes!

Brooke said...

Big booty? You do not have a big booty. I have far more junk in my trunk. Silly Bia!

I too am very anxious about the position. They need to hurry it up already!

And thanks for posting about my giveaway!

Sassafrass Jane said...

Cloves? What on earth can make someone smell like cloves?
Good girl on the thank-you notes! Very important later in life, readable or not ;)

Sara said...

Long,stringy hair is not acceptable. Ever. I always had short hair as a kid. Which is probably why I have it long now. :)
Cloves??? YUCK! That's just nasty.

Good for Chatty on the thank you notes!

Hope your retreat was fun!

Coco said...

Love the randoms!

Short hair, so true!!

And having Chatty do her own thank you notes, I am so doing a template and having Bram do his own this year. Fab idea.

Give me Greg's email address and I will have Natalie contact him. She is Natalie Green on my facebook.

FROGGITY! said...

albert einstein's daughter!! lol!! hope you had a great weekend.

The Lenzers said...

your booty is perfect!!! just wait until she inherits (sp?) the genes...HA!!! Good for LA on the notes! cant wait to hear about the job!!