Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday Tidbits

  • If you go hiking in the springtime in the desert do not listen to Blaze of Glory (Bon Jovi) or Funny the Way it is (DMB).  Both of these songs have tambourine (I think it's tambourines) music that sounds a little like a rattler on a rattlesnake ... just sayin' it might freak you out a little, which can be a good thing because you will run/hike faster
  • PC is BS ... I was told to apply for an internal position by the hiring manager (and several other managers close to the position) and now I have to wait at least two weeks to see if I get the position ... I hate PC HR rules that require the role to be posted for a week and them dragging their feet - let's get a move on people, momma wants a new purse (and wallet - my reward to myself if I get the new position)!
  • I need want a Blackberry and I need to convince Mr. ESPN that I really do need it
  • My sweet little Bia is so much like me in the morning that it is scary.  She tends to be very cranky in the morning and wants everything done her way.  She also likes to change her mind about what she's wearing several times.  One way that she is NOT like me is that she insists on wearing outfits that don't match ... not sure where she gets that one from
  • Chatty is at my parents for two nights ... she was so excited.  My mom may have to turn her hearing aide off if Chatty lives up to her nickname
  • We will be hosting a session of grandparent detox for Chatty on Saturday afternoon for any interested parties
  • I am getting rid of my grey hairs (for a couple months anyway) tonight because unlike some blogs friends I have, I get my hair highlighted regularly, it is one of the many ways I keep the economy rockin', we all have to do our part
  • I saw this cool post about Easter cookies (scroll down the post a bit to see the full recipe with pictures).  If we have time Saturday afternoon I want to do it with the girls.  Not sure Bia will get much out of it but I think Chatty would.


The Lenzers said...

glad you do your part!!! I would freak out if I thiught I was hearing snakes, too funny

love you, miss you

Sassafrass Jane said...

So funny about the tambourines! I used to think someone was shooting at me when I stepped on dried sticks while jogging. I didn't jog faster, I screamed and threw my arms over my head. Heh.
I wish I had a hearing aid I could turn off...that would be convenient.

Dee Stephens said...

Love the hearing aid comment too.. funny..
I just got my grey hairs covered this week too!
Happy Easter to you and the familia!

starnes family said...

Was that hair coloring part for me? :)

Go on with your bad self!

Sara said...

You do need a BB....or an iPhone. Tell Hubby you need to be "up with the times"!
Totally get the grey hair thing. It's driving me crazy. This isn't supposed to happen so early ,is it??? Ugh.