Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year ...

Hard to believe it is 2010 already ... we were lucky enough to ring in the new year two hours early since we are in Tampa for A's wedding. We left Bia with Nana and Poppa to ring in the new year (yes we will be doing grandparent detox beginning Monday!). It was a long day of traveling with Chatty. She insisted on talking non-stop (big surprise huh?) during the plane ride and also touching me ... it was just a little (actually a lot) annoying! But alas we all got here alive and in one piece.

So while everyone else is posting New Year's resolutions and reflections on the past year, I am still posting Christmas pictures. Yes I have been MIA for several days. It has been crazy plus trying to pack for four people ... yes I pack Mr. ESPN's clothes to ensure they arrive neatly! Anyway below is a recap of Christmas ...

A Four Generation Picture (finally)

Granny and my girls

Uncle Greg and Lacey

Christmas Eve before church

Christmas Morning

Nana putting stick on earrings on Bia

Hopefully by sometime late next week I will be back to regular blogging ... I am sure I will have some lovely flower girl stories too. Let's just say we have had a little too much togetherness the last two weeks. Chatty and I are both ready to go back to school and work! BTW thanks for all the skinny comments on the last post ... I can assure that I won't be receiving anymore because I have been eating so badly the past week! Ugh - back to reality next week!

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starnes family said...

Great pictures! Love the dolls.

Happy new year!