Monday, January 4, 2010

An Award

So my friend Casey ... who I found through her blog and later found out she is friends with my cousin ... weird I tell ya ... gave me this award a week or so ago. I know you will all forgive me for not responding sooner but I have been busy and out of town partying with friends (aka at a fabulous wedding ... will post pictures soon).

So I am supposed to list 10 things that make me happy ... please note these are in no particular order ...

  1. Family - I love my family (even though they drive me nuts on a regular basis!) My husband makes me laugh at the the dumbest things and puts up with a lot! My girls, while they try my patience on a regular interval, are the light of my life! Not to mention the rest of my family - parents, grandparents, in laws, etc. One of the best compliments my MIL gave me is that she was so happy her son was marrying someone who had close relationships with her family. I can't imagine my life without my mom, granny/mam-ma, brother, aunts, dad(s), uncles, etc. They are my world and I love that my kids are so close to them too!

  2. Sports - What can I say - I love them. I know that is a big reason Mr. ESPN and I started dating. We both love college football and basketball the most (the Fiesta Bowl is on right now as I type) but we will watch pretty much all sports. I got a little teary eyed this weekend watching Bobby coach his final game at FSU! Go NOLES!

  3. My Church - Mr. ESPN and I belong to a fabulous Presbyterian Church! I love teaching Sunday School (even though it still makes me nervous) and am excited about the Women's bible study I am beginning this month. I have made some awesome friends through my church and they have helped me become a better Christian. I hope my girls grow up and understand the importance of Christ in their life.

  4. Coke Products - specifically Diet Coke. I do not drink Pepsi only Coke products (this is a family trait going back to my Granny and my mom). Mr. ESPN and I have joked about getting a soda machine so I can have a fountain diet coke with a splash of cherry coke every day.

  5. Baking - I love to bake. I come from a family (must be the southern genes) where you are taught to bake in a time of crisis. So that's what I do. I also bake on a regular basis in non-crisis times and it has resulted in Mr. ESPN and I joining the gym!

  6. Being Organized - I am type A and go nuts when things are in disarray. Ask Mr. ESPN - it isn't pretty. He has learned to just move out of the way!

  7. Southern Living - My favorite magazine. It provides me with tons of great recipes that remind me of my Granny and also great decorating ideas!

  8. Weddings - I love going to them and being in them. They are so fun and full of so much love, hope and joy! This weekend was no exception.

  9. Girlfriends - I love hanging out and catching up with them over a glass (or two or more) of wine or beer and some fun food. I get to do this once a month at Bunco with my neighborhood girlfriends but would like to set up something with my other girlfriends (i.e. BB, LC, BK, SQ, KS, KA, etc.) so we can do this on a regular basis. It does the body good!

  10. Food and Wine/Beer - OK I freely admit it, I like to eat and drink. I haven't met much food I dislike. I love to drink wine (prefer red but do drink white - especially in the summer when it is so freakin hot here in the desert) and beer. Anyone who knows me knows Bud Light on draft is my beer of choice (runs in the family - that's my mom's favorite too!) - no fancy schmancy beers for me!

And now I would like to pass this award on to my fabulous friends/family


AZ Cottrell

The Kingston Queen

My Favorite Cousin! (don't tell anyone else in the family)


KingstonsQueen said...

Oooh, I'm good. I guessed about 6 of yours before I read the post. I got this award last month and actually gave it to you, too. We must just all think you're wonderful!

starnes family said...

OK, so I thought you found my blog via Jann and then realized we had so much in common. What a crazy world we live in!

The Lenzers said...

so i am glad i am not the only one behind in blogging, but i havent even done christmas yet...oh well. yes, i got your package. i am sorry, i thought i told you. i am obviously behind on alot! i promise a thank you card will be coming soon! love you

Coco said...

We would TOTALLY be great friends in real life. So much in common.

You need to post on some organization tips. I am organized but love hearing better ideas on how things should be.

Diet Coke is my addiction. I don't keep it in the house or I will drink a case of it in a day.

And baking, yep Southern thing.

I haven't gotten back to you about Natalie b/c she is in Rwanda for a month. Mission trip. When she gets back we will do it.