Sunday, January 17, 2010

E-mail From the Teacher

Last Thursday (right after my Long Week post) I received the following e-mail from Chatty's teacher:

Dear Mrs. ESPN,

I hope your week has been going great and I am so excited to see you tomorrow :) I wanted to check in with you about Chatty’s week. She is such an awesome friend and really enjoys playing in centers. This week she has loved going to writing! However, I am worried about some of her choices at lunch and in our classroom during rug time. Lately, Chatty has been acting silly in the cafeteria and she has interfered with children's safety. For example, she squirted juice in another girl's hair and today she was running and playing in the hallway when she was heading from the playground to the lunch room. She was so silly on the way from the lunch room to our room after lunch that she ran into another child and caused them both to have to visit the nurse for ice. In our classroom, Chatty is successful at her table, but will talk and play during large group time. She chooses Step successfully, but then chooses to come back and play again. I am afraid that she is beginning to pick up on some behavior of another boy in our classroom who is having a very difficult time making choices and adjusting to our classroom expectations. I know that they want to be friends, however I think that Chatty is having a difficult time making great choices when she chooses to following the poor example of the other boy.

Chatty has such a great heart and I know that she is ready to work hard. Could you please remind her of her expectations in our classroom and at lunch time. I am unsure about the relationship with the other child, however I will continue to reinforce healthy friendship choices. Thank you for your help.

I can't wait to see you!

Miss Johnson

Needless to say Mr. ESPN and I had a Come to Jesus talk with Chatty that night and let her know she was not allowed to play with this boy again!  The next day (last Friday) I volunteered in her class.  This boy (now referred to as X) told me his dad said he could never play with Chatty again - punk!  Mr. ESPN said "Good" when I told him this.  I had a chance to speak with her teacher and she was/is amazing.  She sent me the following e-mail after school on Friday:

Good afternoon! Thank you for visiting today! The kids loved your extra help and encouraging words. It means so much! Also, Chatty had such a fantastic day! She even said, "My mom is going to be so proud of me!" at the end of the day! She does so well with positive encouragement. Such a sweet girl. Just to let you know, I met with Dr. Bales (the school principal) for immediate help with X this afternoon. There has been a parent meeting scheduled. X did hit Chatty's shoulder at the end of centers and he was removed from the learning environment. I am confident that Chatty is part of a safe environment and I will keep you posted about her hard work and super smart choices. Have a great weekend!

Miss Johnson

So I hope we are back on the right track with Chatty.  What an exhausting week ... off to bake some cookies for a BBQ this afternoon!


starnes family said...

I love all the "choice" language. We use the same with our kids.....something we picked up from Carter's preschool days. It's a life long lesson....the choices we make!

Brooke said...

Aw, sounds like she has a great teacher. Hopefully she remembers your talk with her and has a better week this week!

Sassafrass Jane said...

I'm laughing about her squirting juice in some girls' hair. Is that bad? I'm cracking up.

Coco said...

That bastard face kid is the reason for Chatty's "situation."

She's just "spirited" as we like to call it in our parts.

Let's pray hard that Bram and Chatty never meet and fall in love. I don't think the world could handle it!! Though we would have GORGEOUS grandchildren.

FROGGITY! said...

she probably really excels in school doesn't she? she sounds creative and smart to me! glad she got away from that little rascal. (cracking up at the juice incident. that's hilarious, but i am sure you didn't laugh!!)

the teacher sounds very involved. that's really important, looking out for chatty's best interests!