Thursday, January 14, 2010

Long Week

The last two days have been less than exciting at work. I had to sit through all day meetings on delivery model and sourcing transformation and the potential tax implications (yes I know - WTH is that?) with 8 guys and me! Yes I am a tax person (nerd) but this was totally out of my area of expertise (yes there are various tax specialties and this isn't mine). I was basically there to observe (and hopefully gain some knowledge to move into other tax specialties) which means it is very hard to pay attention and stay awake when the conversation is that riveting! I didn't bring my laptop to the meeting yesterday and even with the large diet coke I had, I was feeling the need to nod off ... so much so that one of the managers teased me about it later. Today I took my laptop to the meeting so I could actually get some work done and focus a little more. Thanks goodness I get to work from home tomorrow (because I have to take my car in and I am volunteering in Chatty's class tomorrow). Hopefully it won't be as dramatic as the Kindergarten Barfing (aka Holiday) Party from December! Ugh - now I have to get motivated to go to the gym!


starnes family said...

What? Taxes are fascinating. Just ask Blake. He's started getting in the most hilarious letters of dissatisfaction and I wish I could use them as blogging material. You would not believe it.

Hang in there!

Deelsu said...

Oh.. boy.. couldn't do your job. Would love for you to do MY taxes though!

KingstonsQueen said...

I think we both had a long week. Next week, we need cocktails :)