Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Teenage Boys and Sports Cars

I am offering this as a piece of advice for those of you who have sons. Fancy sports cars like the one below:
+ a high school junior + a hot little girlfriend = Potential Accident and high insurance rates! This morning a high school junior driving the pretty little care above tried to cut off traffic at a red light and rear ended this car:

Which rear ended this car:

Which was driven by me! Luckily I had little damage to my car. I didn't even notice the damage until the (HOT) cop showed me. Did I mention the cop who arrived was really hot and nice! High school kid told the lady behind me "I didn't see you" - um what?! It was a red light and she drives a Pilot not a little scooter! Anyway luckily there were no injuries, we were just a little shook up. We'll see how I feel tomorrow (luckily I had already dropped Chatty off at school so I was flying solo in the car). I think I was more upset that my (fairly) new car got hit than anything, that and the whole pain in the butt the process is.

Moral of the story - high school boys and sports cars are very expensive for parents and they don't fair well when they hit an SUV! Needless to say Bia and Chatty will NOT be riding to school in boys' sports cars when they are in high school! Their daddy will be driving them!


Sassafrass Jane said...

Amen, sister. I'm afraid I'm infecting everyone with my Rear-End Illness. (Ew) What's up with that?
Glad you're okay. What a dumb kid. Yes, your babies will be in their daddy's car!!

starnes family said...

Glad you're OK and that there isn't too much damage!

I'm planning on my kids walking until they're 30.

Brooke said...

Glad you're alright! Question: was the cop hot?

BMB-The Mom said...

Thank goodness you are ok! And thank goodness that HOT cop took such good care of you! Hmmm, what I am going to be doing about my 3 future driving boys? I know! They can walk, ride the bus, or have me drive and pick them up! Ha!

Coco said...

So glad you are ok. That sucks.
My high school boyfriend drove a Camero. HOTNESS!! Barf.
Bram will be driving the 2005 Tahoe I am driving now. Not kidding. We are going to pay that sucker off and keep it at the ranch until he gets his license.
Try being a bad ass in an 18 year old Tahoe.

Again glad you are okay and no babies were with you. And the cop was hot.

Deelsu said...

first off..thanks GOD you are okay! 2nd - sucks when this happens..thank goodness for insurance.
3rd and most important..


AZCottrell said...

Glad you are okay! You'll be happy to know Shaun will take Lacey around in his 18 year old Blue f-150 that his daddy drives today. That way, if he is showing off for Lacey and gets in an accident - he'll hurt the other car and not Lacey! ;-) Big trucks - not sports cars!

FROGGITY! said...

glad you're alright!!! yeah, i agree... the average high school boy + hot rod = disaster! i think i am with deelsu on this one. college or payment... good strategy! :)