Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just a Bunch of Random Things ...

  • • Conversation with Mr. ESPN tonight:
    • Mr. ESPN: "Do you think someone spilled something in the pantry?"
    • Me: "Why?"
    • Mr. ESPN: "Because the tile is sticky in there"
    • Me thinking - Um what do you think oh brilliant one and even better I will give you two guesses as to who caused it ... please clean it up!
    • He did clean it up - Good Mr. ESPN!

    • Busy week at work - the infamous Tax Package time - but I can say I am rockin' it this year (finally because it usually kicks my a-- each year). Already have the first part done and it isn't due until February 15th!
    • Had parent teacher conferences on Tuesday with Miss Johnson. Chatty is doing fabulous and she had so many nice things to say our conference ran over by 15 minutes ... yeah yeah yeah so what she didn't have one after me!
    • On the way in to parent teacher conference I ran into a Director from my old company (who is now at the company my old boss and friend who threw the party last weekend are at) and his wife. In the 2 minutes we had to chat he was recruiting me to come to their company ... it's always nice to be wanted - especially in this crappy economy.
    • Chatty watched her GO Cats on the computer tonight and listened to the play by play on the radio (it wasn't televised)- well I should say she chatted during the play by play .. she is her father's (and mine!) daughter. We may have to change her name to Mini ESPN.
    • Please include in your prayer list my friend over at AZCottrells. Lots of prayers needed for her family - MIL (amazing woman!) is having bypass surgery on Monday, her cousin (mom and wife) is deploying to UAE for 6 months and her grandma is moving to a nursing home. They are big believers in prayer so please (if you are inclined to do so) pray for them!
    • Tomorrow night I am having dinner with my friend the Kingston Queen - Yeah! Saturday - hopefully Bia and I will get to the gym early then a birthday party at the zoo. Mr. ESPN and Chatty have soccer and then will meet us at the zoo. We are excited ... then later haircuts for Chatty and me. Fun times!

  • This is what I found when I checked on Bia tonight...yes her head is under the covers, no that isn't the way I tucked her in tonight, and yes I did uncover her head.

Because I took Bia's picture Chatty wanted hers taken too ... that's a victory smile - Zona win!


Deelsu said...

What a little ham Chatty is and what did the old director say about the Britney's at the party?

AZCottrell said...

Thanks for the shout out for prayers! You are so nice to us. That is so funny that she watched the game on the computer! She is soooo your daughter! ;-)

Sassafrass Jane said...

Prayers are comin.
I love that you take pictures when they do funny things in their sleep. I do it, too. They love seeing how silly they sleep!

starnes family said...

Love the "sprinkles make me smile pjs".

I'll be praying for your friends. Lots going on.

BMB-The Mom said...

Have a fun weekend! Look at Miss Chatty's big girl teeth coming in-too cute! Her jammies are cute too! Looking forward to seeing you guys in 2 weeks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your sweet, sweet words. Coming here and seeing your gorgeous girls put a BIG smile on my face! They are adorable!

Coco said...

Chatty and Bram would be quite a pair. Love it.

Yea, for Mr. ESPN for wiping up something withOUT having to be asked first. Wow. Impressive.

Speaking of impressive, you and your gym going self!!