Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday Tidbits from the ESPN Household

Some interesting tidbits I learned today:
  • If you wake up a little before 5:00 to go to the gym for a 5:30 class (and hit snooze for 10 minutes) and arrive 1 minute late the entire class will be full ... this was at 5:31 AM not PM people - WTH? (I worked out on my own at the gym and got a good work out - probably because I was fuming about missing the class!)
  • If you come home from the above incident at the gym it is possible Chatty Cathy will be loving and kind when you walk in the door and later turn into a horrible monster and pitch a 15 minute non stop whining, crying, fussing fit that started when she told you you had no rock n roll music in your car (which by the way you do via CD's, Radio and XM) .. which causes you to be running late to work which means you can't stop for a fountain Diet Coke
  • The toilets in the restroom at work seem to always flush before you are done wiping which means you still have to manually flush by pushing the button (not to mention the spray on your fanny!). Also in this restroom only one of the stalls has a door that remains closed while doing your business. The rest open at random moments. Do you realize how hard it is to squat and hold the door with your hand and wipe quick enough so your fanny doesn't get sprayed?
  • Lunch with guys often includes random discussions. Today's involved buffets at titty bars and how guys can't multi task in this type of situation, i.e. eating and watching
  • It is possible for your second child to inherit the severe fit throwing temper tantrum gene of her older sister (it was proven tonight by Sweet Bia - not so sweet tonight - girl's got some serious strength for an itty bitty thang!)
  • It's horrible when a starting quarterback gets hurt during his first series of a National Championship Game ... I feel so bad for Colt McCoy ... great guy and cute too (plus it just makes for a crappy game)!
  • In the ESPN house it is possible for the children to get distracted by a sporting event while they are eating and/or doing their homework. Like I said above, they seem to inherit all of these lovely traits (they obviously haven't inherited or learned the multi-tasking traits of their momma)!


KingstonsQueen said...

Ha, sounds like a long day! Hope today is better for the ESPN's.

AZCottrell said...

Sorry for the rough morning yesterday! I was disappointed in Colt McCoy's early exit last night too!

starnes family said...

The multi-tasking comment was hilarious. Men!

Deelsu said...

OMG! This post cracks my ass up! The restroom thing.. Seriously.. so my work! Drives me nutz!

The multi-tasking.. heard that before. When I lived in Vegas though. Got so darn tired of hearing about titty bars.

* Colt McCoy -- I was DEVASTATED! Feel so bad for the guy.

hang in there with the kiddos.. they seem to have so much personality!

Sassafrass Jane said...

That is why I HATE automatic flushers! When I'm still sitting it sprays me in the butt, but after I drop a deuce I have to push the button! UGH.
Rough day! Glad you're laughing (at least I am) about it! :)

FROGGITY! said...

ooooh, i hate missing an aerobics class. what are all those people doing there at 5:30?? maybe it'll thin out by feb.

lol to the guy convo. that's SO typical!

Heather said...

Hey! saw you are following my blog! :) I had to go private so send me an email if you want an invitation to view our crazy life!

Coco said...

#1 always amazes me. And it always happens in January. By Feb most have already fallen off the wagon and you will be the only one in the class!!!
You have been a workout fanatic. Yea for you!!!

Love the header. You have such gorgeous kiddos. And they have my favorite little girl hair cuts ever.