Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Flower Girl's Debut

I am finally getting around to posting pictures from our adventure to Tampa. We had a great time visiting with friends and partying like rock stars (well like an old married couple with a kid in tow - but you get the picture). Speaking of pictures here are some of them ...

Chatty and Uncle Greg at the rehearsal Dinner
Coco - this one is for you to show Lacey .. see how sweet he looks!

Visiting a ship the morning before the wedding

Not sure I would let her captain my ship ... she's a crazy driver (on Wii!)

The groom - I think he may throw her overboard!

Dressed and ready for her big debut

A bride and her flower girl

Chatty found another boy for her posse .. this one is a little older!

They really made a cute little couple and he was sweet as can be!

Not sure what was wrong with my camera here ...
or why I seem hunched over - mental note stand straighter!

Same camera issue here - thought is was humidity
but there was very little humidity that day ...
The kids playing during the cocktail hour

Love their sweet expressions! Yes she is a big flirt!

Dancing the night away (yes that is me in the background)!

Another pic for Coco .. dancing with Uncle Greg

The little people dancing with the Bride and Groom
As you can see fun was had by all - especially by Chatty. We are trying to get back to our normally scheduled programming at home (which has involved a little Nana/Poppa detox for Bia). So far we are doing OK ... today is the first day back to the gym ... not looking forward to it. I am debating on getting up and going early in the morning a few days a week ... but getting up at 4:50 am does not sound appealing to me! We'll see ...


Deelsu said...

Cute Pictures! What a beautiful bride and flower girl!
My camera does that sometimes too.

FROGGITY! said...

what precious, sweet pictures!!! love it. y'all look great!

Sassafrass Jane said...

Love that dress! I remember that post--great deal that looks good too.
Chatty is so funny! Cute little flirt!

starnes family said...

She is so precious in her picture. I'm glad it went well. Looks like yall had a ton of fun!

Coco said...

LOVE YOUR DRESS!! Perfect LBD for sure. And you are getting skinny!!

For sure showing these pictures to Lacey. Greg is a dollface. Remember, Natalie is in Africa for a month.