Thursday, January 21, 2010

Playing Catch Up

I feel like I am way behind this week. Bia was home sick for three days. Mr. ESPN had days 1 (he was off anyway) and 2 and I took day 3. While I normally don't mind working from home, yesterday was crappy. For some reason I keep having issues with my laptop and our wireless internet which made for a very unproductive day which made for a very cranky me. Let's just say I ruined my chances for the Wife of the Year (not that I was in the running before yesterday but I digress...) award. Then as soon as I pulled into the gym the collision place calls and says my car is ready. So instead of working out I picked up my car (so glad to have it back!) and came home to get ready for Bunco (at least I won a little cash at Bunco last night. Not sure if you heard or not but there has been a severe rain storm here in the desert today. When I left work I thought I was going to be blown over by the wind ... so instead of going to the gym I picked up Chatty (Mr. ESPN got Bia) and headed home only to hear there is a tornado warning too ... NICE ... this never happens in the desert. Anyways no gym for two days is not good for me especially since I rarely ever (make that never unless I am off work and then only seldom) work out on Fridays. Oh well .. there is always Saturday! So here are a few pics ....

Bia's Closet - My First Sewing Project - I think I need to get some letters to spell out her name and hang from the top or something. It looks a little plain

Playing her matching game

 Quality time with Puppy

In bed tonight - see all of her animals - she covers each of them up (4 dogs, 1 monkey)


starnes family said...

Love the curtains. You did a great job!!!!!!

Brooke said...

Super cute! I think letters would be a good idea, especially if you hung them at just slightly different lengths to give them a whimsical look.

AZCottrell said...

Love the curtains! Very cute!

Deelsu said...

congrats on the curtains.
I know.. Vegas is getting pounded too.. talking to all my friends out there..
Bia is too cute! Love that puppy picture!

BMB-The Mom said...

I hope Bia is feeling better. She's such a cutie! She looks older too! I better see her soon before she's a teenager! I was wondering if you guys were under water or struck by a tornado! Looks like we'll have a nice sunny weekend to get drying all this water up!