Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wild Animals

Saturday Bia had a birthday party at the zoo.  In order to get to our zoo you have to go through a not so great area of town.  A couple things I noticed during this little venture to that part of town:
  • "Inventory Adjusters" is the new name for Pawn Shop just in case you were wondering
  • Rent to Own Rims/Wheels - yes you got it - they have stores where you can rent to own wheels and/or rims.  So in case you have some friends coming to town and you want them to think you have sweet wheels and rims, you can rent some while they are visiting.  Genius I tell you!
Chatty and Mr. ESPN met us at the zoo after her soccer game.  The kids really enjoyed it and for the most part were behaved!  All in all it was a success.  Below are some pics of my wild animals:

The whole birthday party gang

Bia and her favorite boy ...
Eyeing the cake - just like her momma - loves sweets
A hug for the birthday girl
My little monkeys hanging with the baboons
The girls looking for trouble!

Riding the "horsey ride" (per Bia)
The "horsey ride" with Daddy


Deelsu said...

cute pictures!
love the rent wheels and rims.. seriously?
How about a business that rents high-end purses such as Gucci,Chanel, etc.
Seriously..there is one right here in Charlotte just like the one Jennifer Hudson rented from in Sex int he City.

KingstonsQueen said...

There are rent-a-rim places all over Tucson. Totally lame.

Bia looks so much like Chatty in that picture of her eyeing the cake. Too cute! I love the pic of the little girlies holding hands and sassy miss Bia in her shades.

starnes family said...

I was just about to say what Dee did.....sounds like renting purses!

Sara and Trey said...

Cute pics!!

FROGGITY! said...

look at all those blondies!!!! oh the cuteness! what a fun party. the pawn shop/rim thing cracks me up. around here you'll find several advertisements for gold grills stapled to telephone poles... big business in the crunkest city in the nation...

Sassafrass Jane said...

Love the monkeys with the baboons! They both look SO much like you!

Coco said...

Y'all don't rent to own your tires?
Could your girls be any more gorgeous???!! And you look fab!

A birthday party at the zoo..what a dream. We ain't got no zoo out in these parts. Sucks.