Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Boobies, Farts and Church Ladies

That title sounds like a skit from SNL ...if only my life was that funny or interesting. A whole lot of nothing to blog about - busy at work and think I am getting a cold so have been going to bed early the last two nights. Last night after Bia got in her monkey pjs she looked at me and said "Wanna Cuddle Momma?" - she is such a cuddlebug and I love it. Sure beats the comment she had at Target while we were shopping last weekend "Look Mommy - Boobies" (pointing to the bras) ... she continued to repeat this phrase over and over .... Apparently she did this when she was shopping with Mr. ESPN in Costco and they saw the sports bras.

Bia's comment wasn't as bad as the one Chatty had all weekend, "Who farted?" Of course this was followed by lots of laughter by Chatty! See potty humor isn't limited to boys!

Yesterday in the snack area at work I went to open a canister to see what someone had brought in to share. As I pulled the lid off the bottom half slid off the table and all of the cookies flew on the ground.  Two guys sitting in a cube across from me saw the whole thing and made some comment to me. It was like the Diet Police were telling me "No Cookies for You!" I was a little embarrassed but it was funny and honestly they didn't look that great ... my homemade ones look (and probably taste) better.

I am supposed to have a girl’s night with the "Church Ladies" aka young moms at church. I was really nervous the first time I went out with them ... were they laid back, do they drink, do they only talk about church, are they like me? Needless to say I had a great time with them last month and am looking forward to this month if I am not sick (two of them are prego plus we all have kids so I don't want to spread anything). We are all supposed to bring a heavy appetizer. I want to bring the antipasto sticks that I think Coco blogged about. I e-mailed her to see if you would send me the recipe. BMB - don't you have a recipe for something like this too? Can you send it to me and I can compare them?


FROGGITY! said...

i love church ladies. 9 times out of 10 they are super fun, super nice, and actually do drink. :) funny, but that is definitely a requirement. i want to feel like a group is able to go out and have drinks and be okay with that.

lol to the boobies! that cracks me up! LL hasn't discovered the word 'fart' yet, but she often says with a giggle, 'what's that smell' haha, so gross!

Sassafrass Jane said...

I love fart jokes. Chatty and I would be great friends. I also love boobies, silly little Bia!

Sara said...

HA!! I love that Bia kept saying boobies. And I love it even more that she did it with Mr.ESPN. Too funny! I bet he got lots of stares at Costco.

I hate the word fart. I prefer toot. Just sounds more polite. And honestly, I think girls are grosser than boys sometimes when it comes to potty humor. I wonder why that is???

Hope you feel better and have a good time with your bible bangers. :)

Coco said...

Sending you the recipe now! I couldn't find the actual one but I remember.

Tess will point out every time that anyone toots or if she does. It has to be announced. Burping too.

The Lenzers said...

hope your feeling better. we are all about the boobs and toots too!!