Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vegas Baby and Some Love for our favorite Clementine!

I went to Vegas to celebrate my Aunt's 60th birthday.  It was my friend Amy's birthday too so I asked her to join me for the celebration.  My aunt and 13 other ladies flew in from Florida.  We had a good time ... lots of laughs ... lots of food ... lots of drinks!  My aunt's friend brought a DVD of her 40th birthday party ... four of my aunt's friends that were in Vegas were at the 40th birthday too ... so funny watching them dance on the video and checking out their outfits and hairdos from 1990!  Good times. 

One woman from our group may or may not have had a little too much to drink and started harassing a young guy giving my aunt tips on how to play video black jack in the casino.  The guy said he was in Vegas for a work convention and acted like he was a big shot businessman.  By the time this woman was done with him we found out he wasn't a big shot businessman but only a salesman for a small company and worked out of his home.  To top it off his wife was home with their young child and was due any day with their second child.  Needless to say the woman in our group may or may not have harassed him even more for being in Vegas (thousands of miles from his home) and not being home with his wife!

BTW - did you know they now have girls dancing on the tables in a lot of the casinos (in skimpy outfits)?  Not sure if this was a "Superbowl Weekend Special" or not but they were in every single casino.  Kind of felt like I walked into a strip club!

To something important ... I purchased a shirt in honor of Casey's sister (see the post here). Such a great cause - sure glad they ship to the desert! I have been meaning to post a picture of me in it but thought Chatty might make a cuter pic so she was my model!


Deelsu said...

they're called GO-GO girls. Most of the clubs have them. Attracts men..they're actually pretty competitive jobs to get.
Not that I know..I just know from 3-years of living in VIVA Las Vegas ;)

Sara said...

Vegas with the girls?? Nothing better!!! Glad y'all had fun.

Chatty looks precious in her Clementine shirt.

Sassafrass Jane said...

Ahhh VEGAS. Go-go dancers, sleazy men, and buffets galore. I miss it so. Sounds like fun!!
How cute is Chatty?! She's a perfectly adorable model :)

FROGGITY! said...

LOVE IT! the trip stories and the shirt! they are such cutie pies.

i was not aware of the table dancers... hubby would be weirded out by that (he gets weird about public places ...especially bowling alleys and strip clubs lol! at least i don't have to worry about him frequenting bourbon street! ha)!

FROGGITY! said...

p.s. meant to add glad you had fun!!! i love girls' trips!!!

The Lenzers said...

havent been to lv in long time...you must not have hit the jackpot

starnes family said...

Vegas, baby! I haven't been since before Jack was born. Need to!

Thanks for the shirt pics of Chatty. Her little face just oozes personality. Love her!

Summer said...

I stumbled across your bloggy blog and I am sooo glad I did....Your blog is sooo cute! I love the header pic and your girls are just precious :0)!
I love those aprons...Where did you get those? Did you make them?

WOW a trip to Vegas sounds AMAZING.....

Happy Monday
Summer ;0)

Coco said...

Love the shirt!

And I am so jealous you got a fun Vegas trip. Glad you had fun!!

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