Monday, November 9, 2009


Dear God:
I know you already are aware of this (since you know everything), but I feel like I need to confess anyway. I was really happy that last night was Sunday and that I got to drop my lovely children off at school/daycare and come to work this morning. As you know they are really wearing me out these days and last night it felt like the ending of a Fourth of July fireworks show - fireworks exploding everywhere at the same time! Nothing Mr. ESPN and I were doing was working to get the little people under control. I even tried using our Sunday School lesson on the big kid. As you know, we learned about the 10 Commandments yesterday. I tried reminding her about your rules (commandments), namely Honor your Mother and Father. Apparently she wasn't paying attention as much as she should have been during Sunday School, because she never grasped that concept yesterday.

So finally we just put them to bed (early) and listened to a chorus of little people meltdowns for several minutes (which seemed like hours). And then Mr. ESPN and I remembered that it was Sunday night and it almost felt like a Calgon commercial playing in my head "Work take me away!" I know most Christian parenting manuals wouldn't condone this type of attitude, but I am just being honest with you (do I get partial credit for being honest?). So now that I have had a few hours away, I feel refreshed and ready for the chaos. I am excited to see them this afternoon and hear all about their day. Thank you for giving me healthy, spirited children who oftentimes drive me nuts! Mr. ESPN and I are very thankful for the chaos they bring to our lives!



Sassafrass Jane said...

Lovin these letters! (Or prayers!) We have 4th of July nights over here all the time. I do the "school take me away" all the time. I'll give you partial credit for being honest :)

The Lenzers said...

AMEN!!!! I am just about in tears these days with my two.

Robin said...

You know, while we feel guilty about being happy that we get to go to work, it's true for many of us! There are days I am thankful (yes, thankful!) I get to work. Don't get me wrong, I love my girls as much as you (and the next person), but I'm not used to being home with them so much and whew!!
Love you honesty, it's refreshing to know I'm not the only one. . .