Monday, November 16, 2009

Still Here

I have been a lackluster blogger the past few days ... feel like I have been going non-stop trying to get some projects done around the house before the in laws arrive on Saturday. It didn't help that sweet Bia got sick last Thursday ... Mr. ESPN stayed home with her that day and I was off Friday but was scheduled to volunteer in Chatty's class so Nana and Poppa to the rescue. Bia was better on Friday and we enjoyed a nice lunch out and trip to Costco with Nana and Poppa (after I was done volunteering). Bia proceeded to tell her Poppa everything she wanted in Costco as well as everything we already have from there. She managed to convince him to get her some new coloring supplies (and some for Big Sis too)! They sure learn how to work the brown eyes and pouty face young in our family!

In the midst of all this Mr. ESPN and I stripped and re-finished our kitchen table and chairs. What a chore ... I think we are finally done ... that was a week long project. On Saturday my good friend Mrs. Kingston came over and we made cookies ... sugar cookies with icing. She taught me the tricks and I made some cute ones for favors for a baby shower I am hosting next month. They are in the freezer with strict instructions to Mr. ESPN not to touch! I still have a list of a few things for Mr. ESPN to complete before his parents arrive on Saturday. Our office is moving to another building so I am off this Friday too ... so that means cleaning/packing at work this week and serious deep cleaning of my house on Friday. So below is my to do list this week (in addition to my normal parenting and wife duties):
  1. Bake a Kahlua cake, chocolate chip cookies and brownies for a craft fair at our church and drop off Friday morning
  2. Bake some more cookies for my in laws
  3. Prepare Sunday school lesson for next week
  4. Clean House - Deep Clean!
  5. Follow Up with Mr. ESPN on his projects - namely painting baseboards and door frames
  6. Pack up my stuff at work
  7. Exercise - at least 4/5 times this week
  8. Grocery Shop (the list has been made)
  9. Meet Amy for lunch on Friday
  10. Buy some new shoes - hey you gotta have fun too - plus I have two coupons that I can combine at DSW!

I know I am forgetting something in there ...


starnes family said...

Looks like we're having a similar week! I'm stretched thin, but I love being busy, so no complaints. Good luck!

Deelsu said...

kaluha cake sounds yummy. Please share recipe!

The Lenzers said...

I have been a MIA myself, but just can't seem to organize my thoughts. I am stressed out with the boys (ready to get rid of them) and in no mood to finish my list. Actually most nights I sit around and cry! But anyway, hope you get everythign done this week and enjoy the visit with your inlaws. Emailing you an update is on my list also!!

FROGGITY! said...

great list!! you had me at kahlua cake.

p.s. to answer your questions: yes, i am!!! prego in the sunshine state that is!!

Sassafrass Jane said...

Holy TO-DO List, woman!! Get crackin! And I agree---Kahlua cake sounds delish. Post the recipe when you can breathe again!