Friday, March 26, 2010

National Holiday

It is Mr. ESPN's National Holiday today - aka his Birthday!  He insists it is a national holiday, although the banks and government offices are all open and we don't have the day off!  We will be having a nice family dinner at a restaurant that has multiple televisions so we can watch the NCAA tournament while we eat! 

He doesn't read this blog so there is no point in me going on about what a great husband and father he is and how he puts up with three independent and stubborn females on a daily basis and is still sane!  But that in and of itself is quite an accomplishment!  We Love you Mr. ESPN - HAPPY 36th Birthday!!


Dee Stephens said...

Awesome! have a good weekend! Can't believe he doesn't read :( boo!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday to him!!! Have a fun dinner tonight. Hope you're a basketball fan. :) I'm definitely not!

Salt said...

Happy birthday to him!
I just found you via Brooke's blog. Your daughters are adorable!

Coco said...

He looks just like one of Adam's friends.

Happy 36th!!!