Monday, March 15, 2010

Party Time

Each of the girls had parties to attend this weekend.  For Bia, it was her best little "boy" friend S.  They painted and played in his backyeard.  As soon as she got to the party she sat down next to S and planted a kiss on his cheek!  It was sweet but made me cringe when I thought of her doing that when she is a teenager!  Later she got knocked down by her little man S because she walked right in front of his swing!  She was alright - no blood - just tears!

Bia swinging with her best bud S who is one day younger than her

and enjoying some cake ...

The birthday boy and his little lady ..
I kept trying to get a better shot but they were
more interested in the pinata 

On to Chatty's friend's party the next day at the park

They had Jungle Jill and her animals

Petting some furry animal

Holding some furry animal .. Mr. ESPN took her

Playing with friends

More friends from school

Yes Chatty is a little on the tall side

One last picture - doesn't everyone have an Easter egg tree?  We do now thanks to Nana.  It's cute and makes for a good centerpiece on my counter


Dee Stephens said...

Your girls are so cute! I love Bia's hair pulled back in the boy like that! She looks too cute!
I also, love that picture of Chatty and the furry animal!

Fun parties and not too over the top it seems!?

FROGGITY! said...

You win! :)

Email me @

YAY!! :)

Sara said...

Love all of these pictures! They're both so cute.

The Lenzers said...

what a great idea..the animals. how hot is it there now?

Coco said...

Love Bia's hair in a ponytail. TM is wanting a ponytail every day. Makes them look like big girls.

Cute pics and Chatty is brave.