Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some Random Thoughts

Nothing too exciting here in ESPN household - Happy St. Patrick's Day.  My little leprechauns wore their green and Chatty said a leprechaun left gold in her classroom at school ... guess she is buying dinner Friday night

Today I was running (jogging) on the treadmill and was able to shave some time off my mile - I am finally under a 9 minute mile for 6 miles.  while that is not very fast, it is for me.  Only problem, I forgot to put on this:

which means I had a little issue on my thighs ... I highly recommend this stuff if you run and you don't have toothpick thin thighs.  It works great, I feel a little odd putting it on in the locker room at the gym, but so worth it.

I know you are all waiting for my bracket predictions being that I am Mrs. ESPN.  Sorry to let you all down but normally I don't make the best bracket pics; and sadly to say my alma mater didn't make it so my heart isn't completely in it this year.  I think KU (my FIL's law school alma mater) will probably win it all but I can't root for them - sorry Casey - don't tell Carter!  Mr. ESPN has already informed me he will be sitting on his a - - tomorrow night watching games.  This is his FAVORITE time of year.  
    Pray for my MIL - she had a growth on her thyroid removed today.  FIL called Mr. ESPN and said the procedure went well today so now we wait and pray.  They are sending it to pathology and should have the results next week. 

    Exciting stuff at work .. the Tax Director at corporate called me today ... will share more soon!I WON Froggity's adorable clothing giveaway!  Yeah me!  Well I should say yeah Bia as she will reap the rewards!  Thanks Froggity and sorry (sort of) you lost Casey!

    I am volunteering at Kindergarten Fun Day Friday ... should make for some interesting stories!

    Went to a spring training baseball game yesterday with some co-workers - it was 82 and sunny - got a little pink on my arms and chest and got out of work a little early!

    Want to take the girls to Disneyland this summer for a couple days since we aren't going to make it back to FL and the fabulous condo (boo hoo) ... any suggestions on how to get good deals there - anyone??

    Laundry doesn't do itself - guess I better do it


    starnes family said...

    KU will win according to Carter.

    And, I forgive you for winning the clothes. Your girls will wear it well.

    Almost as well as Lainey would have.



    Dee Stephens said...

    Not a big basketball fan esp. since the Hokies or my Tigers aren't in it this year.
    Love me some Disney!

    Sara said...

    You run 6 miles??? I'm so jealous. Wish I could do that.

    Since our awesome President made the same prediction about KU winning it all, I may have to go a different route. Not sure I want to agree with him. Though he may actually know what he's talking about on this subject.

    Disneyland? The only suggestion I have is to have one of your girls faint in line. I did that when I was 9 years old and we got to go to the front of ALL lines for the rest of the day. My mom was so proud.

    And yes, Trey definitely meant CNN or MSN on his comment. Silly guy.

    AZCottrell said...

    So sorry to hear about your MIL. Prayers it all turns out to be nothing to worry about and all is well soon!
    I'm with D - best time of year for sure! I watched games all day yesterday (I worked from home). It was awesome!
    Miss you guys!

    The Lenzers said...

    i wanna go with you! why arent you going to FL? call me this weekend if you can