Thursday, March 11, 2010

Not Their Finest Moments

Our family has not had their finest moments this week... it all started with me losing it with Chatty Monday night. Shortly after that incident Mr. ESPN walks in looking like he got into a fight. He was at the gym and someone left the treadmill on ... unfortunately for Mr. ESPN he assumed it was off (i.e. wasn't paying attention too closely). Let's just say the treadmill won and he got a nice shiner just below the eye which turned into a slight black eye the following morning. He also scraped his leg, shoulder, etc. Not his finest moment! I felt so bad for him (and usually I don't feel too sorry for him). Luckily he was just a little banged up, mostly he was embarrassed! I told him at least it wasn't his regular time slot at the gym so hopefully those people won't be there when he works out. Sadly the more times I tell the story the funnier it gets! I know that isn't nice but I am being honest.

Tuesday at lunch I got a call from Chatty's teacher. Apparently Chatty hit a friend at school ... not her finest moment either. When I asked why she chose to hit her friend she said "My brain wasn't working". Needless to say she and I spent some quality one on one time together Tuesday afternoon discussing her behavior and subsequent punishment. I told her if there are certain friends that cause her brain not to work, then she can't hang out with them. I also made her write an apology note to the girl and one to her teacher for her actions. I feel like we take two steps forward and one step back each week!

Last but certainly not least Sweet Little Bia ... yesterday was not her finest moment unless you were trying to give an award for Crankiest Toddler of the Year! She had a fit all morning - screaming, crying, whining, tantrum throwing, you name it at home, on the way to school, at school (before Mr. ESPN left), at the end of school, and at home in the evening again. It was a bad day all around for her. Good thing she is cute!

Did you family experience some of their finest moments this week? If so what were they?


Deelsu said... that sucks about the treadmill.
I have this fear when at the gym that one of my shoelaces is going to get caught in the treadmill and take me down with it.
For that reason.. i double tie and double tie laces
Hope Chatty gets her brain to work :)!!

E said...

Please post picture of D's face. I want it for my wallpaper!

Sassafrass Jane said...

I'm dying about the treadmill. That is hilarious!!!
Oh I could make a whole post about ours, sister. Thanks for sharting! :)

Sassafrass Jane said...

Oh, there's my fine moment! I just said you sharted on your blog. Heh.

BMB said...

Oh, I couldn't help but giggle as i read this! You can read my latest post, lots of fine moments there! Hope CC's brain starts to work again! Too funny!

FROGGITY! said...

AHHHH! the story about the treadmill is too funny/scary/hilarious... he has a black eye?! craziness.

my daughter started crying and screaming today that she didn't want to move away... not her finest moment...

AZCottrell said...

Oh - poor D! I agree with E though - pictures please! ;-)
I think they were just all sad because of the 25 year streak coming to an end.
Our moments this morning were fighting about what to wear! I'm used to it with Ainsley - but Shaun had a fit about his pants this morning too. 20 minutes! And me saying "Shaun - the clothes don't make the man, the man's actions and behavior do!". Okay - seriously Laurie - he's 5! ugh.

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Sorry guys no pics of Mr. ESPN - he doesn't even know I blogged about it!