Friday, August 26, 2011

It's Almost That Time of Year

One of my most favorite times of year ... COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!  Can you feel the excitement (if not just humor me people)???  While I am an avid sports fan, I am still a girl (duh).  Which means I understand the importance of looking good while watching a game and/or tailgating.  I wanted to share something I am loving these days .... Original Retro Brand .... cool styles and super super soft and comfy!  No they are not paying me to endorse them (although I would gladly accept some free apparel) I just love their stuff and oh yeah their founder is an ARIZONA alum (me too)!  Here are a few things I like ...

Arizona Wildcats Women's Short Sleeve Tee
I have this shirt ... bonus it makes my boobs look big!

LSU Tigers Women's Short Sleeve Tee
I think this would look lovely on Dee and Casey

Florida State Seminoles
I might need to get this one for my brother ... or me

Anyway - browse around!  The t-shirts aren't cheap but they are worth it, especially if you like soft t-shirts with a vintage vibe!

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Heather said...

Sooo cute. I love the first shirt.

We are not so much into college football- more pro and of course Pop Warner!

Dee Stephens said...

Ooohh!! I may have to order that for our road trip to the LSU/TN game in Knoxville! Let me go check it out.
What size do you normally get? What size would I need.
My boobs are big. I need nothing to make them look bigger!! LOL!

The Lenzers said... and mark and stinking football, uugghhhh! i still love you though. mark and I, however, might not speak for the next 5 months

starnes family said...

Love the LSU one. Are you buying? If so, I'll consider taking your pics. :)

Merry Mack said...

Cute stuff! I wonder if one could make my boobs look smaller.