Thursday, August 18, 2011

School, Fashion and Boys

What a week it has been.  I am happy to report that Bia is loving her new school (thank the Lord) and Chatty is having an awesome start to 2nd grade.  Some tidbits from our week:
  • Bia is buying hot lunch for the first time today.  Mr. ESPN said we didn't let Chatty do that during Pre-K.  I looked at him and said "Times are changing dude!"  Plus who could turn down the option of mini corn dogs or cheese pizza especially when big sis is buying hot lunch?
  • Chatty is not a fashionista by any means.  Yesterday I picked her up and she was wearing a black shirt with navy shorts ... all together wrong.  I asked Mr. ESPN why he let her wear that to school and he states "I thought you picked it out."  I informed him if she ever doesn't match please assume she picked it out not me!
  • I think I know what the next versions of Real Housewives should be ... Real Soccer (or insert your sport here) Moms of the Desert.  Seriously the drama and politics of sports leagues is all together annoying! 
  • In the car Chatty mentioned how her friend went to Hawaii.  I casually mentioned that I wanted to go back to Hawaii.  Chatty said, "I want to go to Hawaii too" and then Bia pipes in "I want to go back to Tucson - I love Tucson!"  Nice - I love Tucson too (home of my alma matter) but not where necessarily where I want to vacation ....
  • I signed Bia up for a dance class once a week.  I need to get her a leotard and tap shoes.  I may secretly buy some tap shoes for myself - I have always wanted to learn and we have lots of tile in our house!
  • I am going to see The Help tomorrow.  I have a half day.  When I mentioned this to my family, Chatty responded by saying, "That's not fair!"  To which I wanted to respond - "Get used to it, life isn't fair!"
  • Last but not least ... Chatty's friend who went to Hawaii, is a boy.  He brought back gifts for her - seashells, necklace and a postcard.  I think he is sweet on her.  Every time I see him he asks "When can Chatty and I have a play date?"  Yesterday he did it in front of his dad, so I asked his dad for his e-mail (what else could I do).  After we got home Chatty gave me a paper with her friend's dad's phone number (apparently before I got to B&G to pick her up her friend asked his dad to write down his telephone number to give to me).  I asked Mr. ESPN what we should do.  In typical Father of a girl fashion ... "Put it off as long as possible" - Nice ... maybe I should avoid eye contact with him too ... what do you think? 


starnes family said...

How are you liking The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? I loved that series. The (foreign) movies are excellent and right on track with the books.

Men don't know. They just don't.

The Help was awesome! Enjoy!

Brooke said...

"I want to go back to Tucson!" Love it. Hey, she's easy to please :)

Dee Stephens said...

Tap dance was my talent when I did pageants. I even took a class when I went to college.
I've actually thought about signing up for one here in town. My friend does it and it's GREAT exercise!!

AZCottrell said...

I have tap shoes I could pass down to Bia if you don't want to buy some. We got them from Paige originally. Ainsley is going back to Gymnastics after soccer and by the time she might do dance again - I'm sure they'd be too small.

Merry Mack said...

I say a boy as a friend is o.k. at this age. It's kinda cute and sweet. I want to take tap too. It is said to be great exercise. I loved The Help and the tattoo series.