Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Random Catch Up

Gee, so what's been going on since I last posted?  Well we had a 38th birthday, 5th birthday, Easter and an 8th birthday in our house.  And that was just in the last 2 weeks!  This time of year is always crazy for the ESPN family.  Add to that a major project on Greek mythology for Chatty, a trip back east for me and a crazy workload at work and people wonder why I am cranky! 

But in all honesty that is nothing compared to what some friends of mine are going through.  I admit, I am not the best at praying.  In fact my prayers are more like little conversations with God at the most random times.  But it seems like lately I have been having a lot more conversations with God (which is a good thing) ... to say thanks for great things happening to sweet friends and to ask him to take care of others (please keep Sara and her sweet family and baby JR in your prayers).  During these conversations I am also trying to remember that I can't control things (thank you Laurie for reminding me).

I am so thankful for my great support group of friends who remind me of what's important!  Speaking of great friends, we are heading to Austin next week for the Godfather's wedding! 

And some random I-phone pics because I can't seem to find time to download any pics from my real camera!

The girls just before Bia's Birthday Party
The joint party was a huge success!

Easter Sunday before Church
Yes we are wearing the same dresses to the Godfather's wedding
Ignore the huge cold sore I have in the picture

Chatty's Greek Mythology "Wax Museum" Presentation
Notice anything wrong with this picture?

Yep - she put her wings on upside down!
And yes - she was wearing her Nike kicks!


Brooke said...

Super cute dress you found for Eatser/the wedding! Love it on you! And I think Chatty's upside down wings are adorable. I still have big love for her for choosing my all-time favorite statue/figure to do her project on.

starnes family said...

You are looking skinny!

Love the dresses.

Praying for Sara. And, that punkin JR!

Sara said...

Thank you, Cindy!

Wish we were a little closer to Austin so I could finally meet you!!! Have fun this weekend. :)

Merry Mack said...

Please e mail me. I want to meet you for a drink while you ate in Austin (if it's not too late). Cute dresses and I love the mythology museum! I may have to steal it!

reporterturnedmommy.com said...

I've been trying to have more conversations with God, too. It really helps.